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[Engine] Partner 2.0 HDI broken top engine mount bracket
I hope you're all well.
I have a big problem. 2.0 HDI partner 2004 90hp.

The metal underneath the top left engine mount has broken...
The Engine mount is good and brand new, where the engine mount sits has broken. 
I have cut and welded a sheet of metal there. Worked very well for a few months, then it started making noise at every gear change. 
I found a crack in the middle of the sheet of metal. 
Took it to a welder l, he tig welded the crack. Worked well for a month and now it's back to making the noise.

Is there a possible permanent fix for this? Thanks
Can you post some pictures?

Here is the what I'm talking about

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Obvious answer would be some thicker metal welded in. That whole section is in 2mm, how rough are the roads and are the other mounts holding the engine or is it moving a lot to break that one ?
So where does this bit go then ?
I honestly have no idea why this would happen.
Ither mounts? The one on the gearbox and the rear one are new. 
Engine runs relatively smooth. There is strong vibration when taking off in first gear and some judder when i quickly let go of the gas pedal.
How would you suggest welding this so it holda well in the future? Could you use the photo to ahow me? Thanks
Just my thoughts...

Is the broken piece separate from the body? If so I would get a new one and reinforce it before fitting. The problem with welding things like that is you often find they will crack/break again next to the weld due to the heat of the welding weaking the metal.

Having said that, if it's not a common problem I would be looking for the root cause of the vibration when taking off that you mentioned.
My van: 2008 Berlingo 1.6 HDi Enterprise - a bit ratty!
The missing bit of metal looks like the engine mount nut (where the mount screws on) was pulled out or shaken so much that it broke with the metal piece. Did this happen after the engine mount was replaced?

Vibrations are difficult to trace. I have a slight vibration in my 1.6HDi and have not really understood where it is coming from. I suspect that one of my injectors is slightly blocked and it is coming from that. I'm not too sure how similar the 2.0 and 1.6HDi are with respect to injectors, but a quick leak off test would not hurt to see if they all let the same amount of fuel and one is not really blocked to give you a vibration.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
Just guessing but if either (1844a & 18447) of the engine mount rubber bushing parts had worn it would put a lot of strain on the plate that's broken. Form the look of the parts that fit there, the plate has a small 8 or 10mm hole in it? If so, a new plate could be cut from 2 or 3mm sheet, drilled and then welded over the top of the broken mounting plate.

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