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Stop Warning Various Error Codes
About two weeks ago about 107k miles shortly after refuelling got error for p filter additive low, I have purchased a refill kit and garage due to refill in a couple of weeks.  Today I attempted to start the van and it started then stalled along with the Stop Sign.

Plugged in reader have codes 
P0003$07E8 Fuel Volume regulator control circuit low
P0245$07E8 Turbocharger / supercharger wastegate solenoid A low.

I have tried Googling response was check wiring / faulty solenoid and I know that I recently had a mouse in the van but removed it a few weeks ago, has anyone got suggestions where to start fault finding on this?
Can you clear the faults with a reader? Other than that, I'm not sure what to suggest other than following the wiring. Not sure if you have the older 16v or the 8v engine? Is the turbo wastegate vacuum activated via a solenoid valve & rubber tube mounted on the right (looking from the front) of the engine? If it's the 16v 110BHP, the solenoid is probably at the rear of the engine down underneath on the other side. You can see it by following the rubber tubes.
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Thanks for your reply.

Took a while but managed to find the right menu to reset the codes, took a run round the block and no pending codes other than p filter which I already knew about.

It’s the 90 hp 8v so found actuator at front moves freely removed vacuum pipe and covered hole and wastegate operates as expected.

Checked the fuse/bsi found a lot of crap from mice so removed cleaned the best I could with compressed air and alcohol once over with heat gun to make sure no fluid left behind.

Will take the van a further run later everything crossed that the stop light dose not come back on!

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Glad that the code clear has worked, at least for now. It may be that some damp got in somewhere to a joint.
I know from personal experience what a pain it can be to have mice in the engine compartment. I move my car at least every 2 days, spray anti-bacterial surface cleaner in the engine bay & around the front wheels to get rid of any scent trails & have installed an ultrasonic deterrent that runs off the battery.
Disaster went in to town some 10 miles away to pick up my partner and on the way home the stop sign came back on. Reset the code but only got half a mile before it came back on and would not reset so had it recovered to a local garage see if they can have a look at it.
I was hoping it would just be a loose / damp connection maybe in the BSI. The only way to go from here that I can think of is with a meter on the wiring. It might be worth re-seating all those connections & fuses with some contact cleaner.
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Garage can’t look at van for at least 2 weeks, so had to pay to get it recovered home safer option than driving it.

Recovery guy advised it started straight up after adding jump pack, so van is now on charge. Spoke to local guy that does vehicle diagnostics he unfortunately is off work and can’t look at it. Has advised to check the power to the sensors for 5v out and check for water damage to ecu.

Will start with that may need a wiring diagram later to trace wires if no power.
If it starts sometimes then it's maybe still a damp / poor joint issue rather than wiring breaks. If the jumper pack helps, maybe the battery is failing? Hopefully someone on here will be able to advise a damp dispersal spray, otherwise a search online should reveal something.
Have you got a meter to check the battery voltage when it's idle and when it's running?
Scan tool shows battery charging at 14.2 volts think it was only low due to hazards on whilst waiting for break down.

Have found what may be the issue, looking at live data with engine running injector flow rate correction on cylinder 1 2 & 4 showing 6.01mg/cp and cylinder 3 shows -4.96. Would have thought they would all be about the same value.
Should be between +/- 1mg so something is very wrong. We have another member who had a bad injector 3 and that caused him no-start. Citroen cylinders are numbered right to left (gearbox to cam belt) with No1 at the gearbox end. (Passenger side as you look at the engine from the front)
Not a Citroen!
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
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