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[Warning Light] 2.0 HDi Partner problem changing instrument cluster, airbag light and no cruise contr

I have a 2004 Peugeot partner 2.0 hdi 90hp 
I'm trying to fit cruise control on it but so far, no luck. 
I installed the stalk, activated two options:

Set cruise control to present and  choose "Option 1" 

This was, CC didn't work.

I have 4 Wires brake switch and clutch Switch. 

Anyways, I read somewhere that you need the "Option 2" in order for cruise control to work. They said it makes the instrument cluster go mad but it gets it working. Anyways, whenever i tried to program the "Option 2" it says "success" but reverts back to "Option 1".

I bought a second hand cluster with the little display on the right, fitted it, but it didn't work (See photo) 

Tested it with PP2000 and all needles work as they should, fault says that it "Can't communicate with BSI" or something.

Make matters worse, when I plugged back my old cluster, the airbag light was on, the scan showed a permanent error, configuration error...

Anyone knows what to do? i like the new cluster, it looks nicer, and I want cruise control and hate the airbag light hhhhhh ?

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Hmm, there is something going on here. The problem with the display or that you need the one with the little LCD display, only relates to the 1.6HDi. As far as I know the 2.0HDi has no problem and does not need the "new" instrument cluster. As far as I remember @cancunia had 2.0HDi with cruise that worked without the need for the new cluster. On my 1.6HDi, I never had success as outcome on the option 2, but it gave downloading faulty.

That first photo, is it your old instrument cluster with option 2? That will always happen as this option is for the on with the little CC LCD.

Did you try with Lexia to see if the switches work when you press them and the gas/brake pedals are also detected? Do you get the airbag light on with the new display?
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Is your cruise control stalk original , I tried a chinese version stalk and it would not work
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Thank you both for your response!

The photo in question is not my original instrument cluster. My original is standard like this in photo.
The stalk is original and I personally removed it from another Peugeot. I tested it in PP2000 and it registers all commands.

I could only get PP2000 to program "Option 1"
If I choose Option 2, and click "Telecode" it would say ok or success and revert back to Option 1 . It just wouldn't let me register option 2.

For some reason, BSI lost the idea that I had a seatbelt tensioner. But fixed it by reactivating it and now airbag light is gone.

I really like the new instrument cluster and would love to get it working
This is my original working cluster.

The one I want to make work is in the original thread post. I managed to get rid of the airbag light

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The 2.0HDi does not need (and maybe can't use) the 'special' cluster with the window that @saskak modified to work on his 1.6HDi. The different engines have different ECU's.
Have you tried the CC stalk with the original instrument cluster?
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Thanks for the response.

I would like to make the new cluster work if possible. It looks nicer!

I tried with my original cluster, to no avail...
Here is the stalk that I have.

It registers all commands in PP2000

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The stalk is a combined CC & Limiter. I think I've read before that this does not matter but that's the only reason I can think for the stalk not working.
Have you tried the other tests for the brake & clutch pedals?

I have.  I'll attach pictures in a bit.
There are some models which seem unable to have the cruise function added. I wonder if those were fitted with the Siemens ECU and not the Bosch one.

In any case, it needs to be programmed in the engine ECU and in the BSI. Two areas need to be programmed.
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