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Auxiliary heater issues
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On my 2007 1,6 HDI 90hp I have a Webasto auxiliary heater (diesel burner that heats the water only when the car is running, as I understand. It is not a parking heater that can be started with remote control or timer) located in front of the left front wheel, behind the bumper.
I'm quite convinced the heater does not start. We have temperatures well below 0°C, so I assume the heater should have started very soon after the engine is running. It would have been very nice to have warm car a bit faster, so I have started investigating. Here are the problems I have ran into so far:
1. I can't find a fuse anywhere. No indications in the user manual fuse maps. (I believe the heater is OEM, or at least installed at the car when it was new. I would think the heater is standard in cold countries, so should be in the fuse map, I thought.) Anyone that could lead me to the fuse?
2. As there is no switch for the heater, I believe the conditions for starting up is temperature based, and maybe a time interval after start of the engine. Do anyone know the conditions for the heater to ignite?
3. I understand glow plugs on these heaters may fail. Anyone with experience replacing the plug?
Thank you for sharing
There are a couple of links that may help if you have a look. They show the heater in probably the place you have it. The links are installation instructions with wiring etc etc -
Now a 2019 K9 1.2 petrol.
Before a 2010 B9 1.6 HDi diesel.
Thank you guys, I will have a look and see whether or not my car has a similar installation. I think however the russian installation guide is for a parking heater, but the fuses may still be at the same location.
I actually found a thread with a fuse map indicating a fuse for the diesel burner heater.
This is indicating location MF8 (I believe the lower fuse panel in engine room, Maxi fuse panel, below the main fuse panel there. )
Link thread:
Link document:
I have not checked the fues yet, kind of difficult to access... I still have not found the relay(s) :-)
Does your heater look like the attached? If so, I'll see if I can find the wiring for it.

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.pdf   M59 Webasto.pdf (Size: 196.58 KB / Downloads: 12)
Thank you Cancunia!
This may well be the same heater, allthough it seems a bit more complex than mine. I believe I have only one hose in and one hose out for the water. I for sure have no water pump in my installation, and there is nohting on the dashboard, like switch, temperature control or timer.
I did check my maxifuse #8, I took me all Friday evening to access. The fuse was ok, but i still have not found the relays and the other fuse(s)j that is likely to be installed somewhere.

Yes, so it would be kind of you Cancunia, if you could send me the wiring for the webasto you have there. Thank you in advance.

Sorry for the delay in of my responce.
I had a look on ServiceBox but didn't find any wiring info.

Is this any good?
Thank you Cancunia.
I checked the location for fuses that this instruction is suggesting. It seems that for the installation in my car they have chosen a different location. Anyway, here is an update of what I have done:
I removed the inner wheel arch (I believe it is called so) of the left front wheel, to access the webasto.
There I could check voltage to the unit at the socket connection, and that was ok with ignition on, so at least one fuse must be ok. However I found a not used connector with 2 wires, most likely form the Webasto. I suspect this is for the ambient temp sensor, that is (maybe) missing on my car, but not sure. I did a short test with the two wires connected, and started the car. No result. I also fund out that the webasto was not very good grunded, as i measured 5-10 ohm between the unit and negative terminal of the battery. I installed a 4 mm2 cable from the unit to the frame, and acheived no restistans measured. Still it would not start.
I did have just a look at the fuel pump for the burner, and it did not look very healthy where it was installed near the rear axel under the car. I have not heard any sound form the pump, so I don't know whether it has any power or even if it is connected at all. (Also a possibility could be that the two vires i found is for the pump, and the previus owner had it disconnected.)
My next step would probably be taking the webasto apart and checking whether it is coked up. Check the temperature sensor if it exists, and check the fan. Maybe I will testrun the pump putting 12V on the wires, for a moment.
I'm sligthly fearing that my webasto installation already has moved to the stage of R.I.P. and maybe should not be disturbed too much. :-)
Thanks for updating, good luck!

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