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wipe and wash
Hi there, wash & wipe option in my Berlingo multispace 1.4 2001 forte doesen't work, the last time this happened I thought it was the pump and when it was being MOT it was a power problem and the garage replaced a fuse or fuse's. I checked my board inside the car and on the top row at the right hand side I found a 5 amp fuse gone so I replaced this but it still didn't work!
I moved the fuses about in the engine board and still no success, anyone out there with any idea how to fix this I would appreciate the input.

I have been on the owners forum with this and had feed back but I thought I'd check to see if anyone had had this problem and how it was fixed.

Thanks in advance
For me, replacing Fuse 14 (10A micro IIRC) in the under-bonnet fuse box fixed it. (2003 1.6 petrol)
Cheers, I'll give it a try and feed back

Thanks again
Hi there, well I thought I had repalced the blown 5amp fuse but it had actualy gone as well, tried replacing the 10amp fuses one at a time with no joy then my father got involved and suggested I checked the 5 amp fuse again and yes it was! but this time we fitted a 7.5 amp fuse and this worked. Was advised by a guy at work that some times the ratings are a bit close to the mark when a bigger fuse would work.
Getting serviced and a MOT this coming Friday so fingers crossed. There is a bush underneath that needs replaced as its knocking like H**l when I turn at rough corners or junctions.

I liken this forum
Hi caravan, appreciate you getting back to us on that one. Glad you got it sorted and good luck with the MOT.

There is a checklist i can put up from Haynes if needed.
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there prone to going so. my 5 amp went too but is working since i replaced
The next chaptor:

My father took the car for this week to fix a couple of things for the MOT this Friday and when he got home the 7.5 fuse had blown, he replaced it with another 7.5 blown again, this time a 10amp and now nothing so what now? another fuse might be blown or is the motor affected, might have to leave it to the mechanic, car electrics are not my scene! give me some simple house electrics.

(06-03-2011, 06:37 PM)Andre Wrote:  Hi caravan, appreciate you getting back to us on that one. Glad you got it sorted and good luck with the MOT.

There is a checklist i can put up from Haynes if needed.

The check list would be appreciated

Hi there, well it only needed a ball joint to pass and my father fitted a pump and bottle to the back of a head light and connected the existng wires and pipes to it and hey presto! it worked. It only feeds the front screen, you don't need working wipers or wash for the back window for the MOT.
It now needs the timing belt replaced another 3 figure job!

We've just the cam belt, tensioner, and aux belts and water pump changed on our mk1 1.4 petrol, and the whole bill with labour and a service came to c.£280. Changed the water pump on advice of the mechanic and as it was 'only' £40 or so seemed a bit silly not to do it while everything else was being done in that area.

We also needed ball joints doing - but they weren't dear really. Under £100 for the two I think it was.

Glad yours sounds like it's being well looked after - these Mk1's will be classics soon!!!

Good luck Smile

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