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Eat8 1.5hdi stuttering and then stalled at traffic lights
Hi all. I m new here so if I need to move this elsewhere please let me know.
Have a berlingo  30 months old.
No problems at all and love the auto gearbox.
I live in corfu so daily do short distance about 35kms.
In the winter I drive to slovakia where I purchased the car.
Only 2 days before xmas suddenly after starting it stuttered violently in 2-3 gear.
I was shocked and tried to get of the road safely. Problem continued and got the car towed to a friend of a friend who is a mechanic who hooked up his pc. He said it showed a fault in the transmission. By the way no faults on dash. He deleted the error, but has taken a picture of it, and so we headed of for a spin and all good.
So today again we set off and after  a minute or 2 it started stuttering again, softer than first time and in higher gear 6-7. Then 2 more minutes later at the traffic lights it died on me. Again  nothing showing on display. Switch on and off but would only last on a couple of seconds. So I had to be pushed off the road. Maybe 10 minutes later I turned it on and it stayed on till we manged to drive safely to the closest citroen authorised garage.  Its closed and they will check it on Monday 2/1 but in the mean time the friend mechanic came and hooked up again and it showed completely different faults compared to first time.
There is the language barrier of course and I ll have the faults and more info on Monday but wondering if anyone has any similar problems. I hope not...
Thanks in advance
Should be under warranty at 30 months in?
2021 130hp 1.5 BlueHDi EAT8 L2 XTR Gris Platinum
ex: 2003 1.4i cargo
Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I left all paper work in the car. Did some online research and I m coming across 2 years ? I ll know better on Monday..
Oh, the standard factory warranty is 2 years yes.
2021 130hp 1.5 BlueHDi EAT8 L2 XTR Gris Platinum
ex: 2003 1.4i cargo
I bought a new car as I was plagued with problems on my previous second hand golf tdi 1.9 estate... I wanted to avoid garage visits except for the annual service. Never crossed my mind to take an extended warranty. ?
You could appeal towards goodwill because it's abnormal to develop catastrophic transmission failure that early.

But. I bought the 6 year factory warranty to avoid all this.
2021 130hp 1.5 BlueHDi EAT8 L2 XTR Gris Platinum
ex: 2003 1.4i cargo
Thanks for your help again. Have to wait now till Monday...
Berlingo 1.5 Hdi Eat8 
So, the car is fixed (fingers crossed) .
They said it was the maf sensor which needed to be replaced and this had shown up as one of the faults . I love the car but still a bit disappointed as its coming up to 3 years old and only 30.000kms.
Anyway great to have found this forum.
Berlingo 1.5 Hdi Eat8 
Thanks for the update. Hope it was as easy as they thought it was.
2021 130hp 1.5 BlueHDi EAT8 L2 XTR Gris Platinum
ex: 2003 1.4i cargo
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So, here again... unfortunately.
I filled my tank with diesel for the first time after I had my problems as mentioned earlier. On the previous tank I did 700 kms when the problems occurred. I still had around 200kms till refuel. Had the problems, citroen replaced maf sensor, re fuelled today and the check engine sign came on.
I live near citroen so the car is being checked as we speak....

UPDATE: they cleared the fault and told me I could drive it home and come back next Tuesday as they are busy. They say it's something with the adblue but need to do more checks....
Berlingo 1.5 Hdi Eat8 

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