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1.5 HDi K9 cooling fan staying on, could be regen issue?
Hi all,

My K9 Hdi's cooling fan is giving some strange behaviour and i am thinking it may be a regen issue or the resistor. The last couple of weeks i have noticed the cooling fan coming on more often and staying on longer. I am kind of thinking it is failing to regen correctly due to the behaviour it presents.

It has 108K on it and not had any issues with lights or funny noises so far. However it appears to start a regen cycle, evident due to exhaust smell, cooling fan and a change in sound of the engine then gets weird from there. Now these are things i have all grown used to with this and my last B9 model except the excessive cooling fan running.

The car will be doing a regen and then after a while of driving i stop, no smell evident from the exhaust but cooling fan still running. Normally not a worry but this is after 30 min sometimes 20 miles of driving so jump in and drive again some more and its still running. Finally only stops when the car is switched off for 10 minutes, restart and away she goes no problem until the next time. Had it since brand new and never noticed this new behaviour until a couple of weeks ago.

It is making me sway with a couple of options but would be interested if anyone has seen this before? My first option is that there is a fault with the cooling fan and it is not deactivating after a regen is completed. The second is that the DPF is having issues and is failing to complete a full regen cycle correctly. If i lift the bonnet while the regen appears to be happening the engine does not seem to be very hot either. In comparison to my B9 when you opened the bonnet you were met with a heat that could cook an egg coming from the engine while a cycle was occuring.

Looks like i will need to take to the garage AGAIN and see if they can maybe dig in to the issue for me. The car has been from glasgow to preston and back, glasgow to whitehaven and back an then glasgow to campbeltown today so i would say this would be enough long runs to have it regen and sort itself out. This would depend on how often it regens but never noticed this before. It appears to being doing it more often so not sure if it is because the efficiency of the DPF is going and it needs to try a regen cycle more often. More often is something that would not bother me in itself but it is the cooling fans staying on until the engine is switched off that is bothering me and makes me feel like the regeneration cycles are failing to complete. This along with the lack of smell coming from the exhaust would suggest it is either failing to get to the end of the cycle or it is finishing but the fans does not disengage itself.

Thanks in advance

Hi. It could be that the regen is not complete when you stop the engine. The fan in mine was on for a long time after stopping the engine. Finally I installed a led that tells me when it's regenerating and I haven't had the fan issue since then.
(14-01-2023, 08:05 PM)Mikelin Wrote:  Hi. It could be that the regen is not complete when you stop the engine. The fan in mine was on for a long time after stopping the engine. Finally I installed a led that tells me when it's regenerating and I haven't had the fan issue since then.

Hi Mikelin,

Yes it is a possibility i have considered but it is doing it far too often to be that. Either that or the car is having regen/DPF issues but there appears to be no faults logged for this. As i am lead to believe the regen cycle only starts if the vehicle is at operating temp. Today it came on around 80 degrees but normally operational temperature is around 91/92 degrees. The cooling fan will stay on for an hour easy if i leave it probably longer but i don't want to risk burning the bearing out so i tun it off and wait until it stops before starting the car again. Also when it is on i have observed engine revs and it will tick over at idle at 750/800 rpm. I also believe that during a regen idle speed increases to around 1000rpm.

I am starting to think it may be more an issue with the fan resistor which was faulty on my two previous B9's and from reading it appears may be of similar issue in the K9 also. I am going to get it in to the garage and they can check the switch to see what the resistance is doing on it.

Please, keep us posted.


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