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Vibrating car and hot brakes/wheels
Just came back from a test drive after changing my FRP sensor..

While driving I discovered a new issue though.
The car, especially steering wheel, vibrates quite a lot while driving.. it becomes really noticeable at around 60-70 kph.
When I stopped after 10k, the brakes/wheels on front left wheel and back left wheel were so hot I couldn’t touch them.. there was a smell of burnt rubber and a bit of a ticking sound.

Do you have an idea about what is causing this?
It sounds like the brake calipers are sticking, or seized. This is why the brakes get hot, the judder will be from the discs warping due to the heat.

Best thing to try is jack the vehicle up, try to spin the wheel by hand to see if it is binding (stiff) - maybe check the other front wheel for a comparison, use the handbrake on and not in gear so both front wheels should be very free. From there, its a case of replacing or refurbishing the calipers. Personally I would replace them.
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