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Peugeot Partner Dangel?
I spotted a Dangelized Partner for sale that I might just be able to afford... 

It's a 2008 'Facelift' version, with ABS, and yes, it's RED.   
It's a 2-seater, unlike my current Berlingo MultiSpace, and doesn't have the sun roof, either. 

It's supposedly a 1.6 Diesel with 75HP? 
Would that be the 16valve DV6?   

It's listed as having done 137K Km.   

Price is a bit over £3500, and sold by a dealer. 'MOT' was in september. 
(Everything is expensive here in Norway)   

I hardly ever have even one passenger, so getting a van with only 2 seats isn't a concern.    

Should I take a closer look, or should I stay away?
Sounds pretty good to me. The 1.6HDi 75bhp is the same as the 1.6HDi 92bhp (16V DV6), only the ECU mapping is different. You could fairly easily convert it to 92bhp without any hardware changes. These do not have a DPF either.

£3500 seems a lot, although I have no idea about the prices of Dangel, a bit expensive for a 2008 Partner, but all seems expensive in Norway. How is it a 2 seater, the rear seats are altogether remove or it was designed that way?
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92
The floor is extended forward with a plate, and there's a wall behind the seats.
Everything else is really the same stuff that they put in the seaters. PSA doesn't believe in designing cheap s**t to up in their vans if they have some decent stuff already in use in the car version. It costs money to design, too...

Dangels are popular here because of our roads, so cheap ones doesn't pop up often.
The post bought a whole fleet of Partners with Dangel 4WD, and that kind of made people notice.
Notice that you COULD have a 4WD with plenty of room, low CoG and proper handling, without buying a Landis...

There's just three things I'm not certain about...
1. Is there anything specific about the engine I should be aware about?
(Enormously expensive service that must be done soon, maybe)

2. How well does the Dangel 4WD drive work?

3. Is there a timebomb in the 4WD system?

I paid about the same for my old M49 when I bought it, and it had nearly 200K Km on it back then, and yeah, it was about the same age. That was a Multispace, so a Car, and that usually brings the price up over what a van goes for.(Vans are cheaper than cars here because of taxes. I think this one is old enough that it can be converted to a 5seater without incurring taxes, though. not that I intend to)
But Dangel kit also brings the price up, so the price may be right.

Another one, with 158K Km on the meter, from the same year is selling for £6500, but that one is actually fitted out as a 'Food truck' with focus on coffee...
Espresso machine, grinders and everything.
I like the Dangels, saw the Post ones in a remote place in Norway when I was on holiday there. I cannot comment on them as I have only seen them.

The 1.6HDi, pretty solid engine, as long as it was serviced on time. Most likely it will need a new EGR valve, as these are unlikely to have been cleaned from time to time. Depends on how good the Post were with servicing them, but probably better than buying the car from an average person. I would be aware of any black tar around the injectors, could potentially lead to a turbo failure if not addressed on time. Otherwise, same as everything else, oil/filters/belts. Sometimes the EGR doser unit leaks a bit of oil onto the alternator, so they could burn out.
smile, you are alive! Peugeot Partner Escapade (same as M59, but with offroady-ish look) 2007, 1.6HDi 92

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