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Drove shaft issue
Ive had a rattle on passenger side of 2010 berlingo van d past 2 months only when on straigh smooth roads but not when cornering. Eventually got someone to look at it. Came back today said circlip is missing from driveshaft is reason for the rattle. So he can fix this part ie. driveshaft clip and seal. But does anyone have any experience as to where the clip could have gone after it broke, he rekons potentially gearbox but recommended i really trust who i bring it to for that part as most places in dublin will jst charge a fortune for stuff thats not broken if u get me. Id have assumed driving with clip broken for a few weeks it wud have done damage to the gearbox i may have noticed but noting so far is it possible for it to fall off and fall to the grpund. Im grand with most parts of cars but gearboxs and driveshafts are above my knowledge. And help greatly appreciated.
I don't think any part of the driveshaft that breaks can end up in the gearbox unless it is the circlip at the gearbox end of the driveshaft but that cant seen unless the driveshaft is removed. If it is that then I dont think it will cause damage , it'll just lie there and not move.

Is there an oil leak at the seal there?

There is a clip on the rubber boot around the wheel end of the driveshaft  ( constant velocity joint ) which rots and falls off. This allows dirt etc into the joint which can cause a rattle when full steering lock turning.

That is not whats happening with yours is it?
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Yes there's a small leak there alright he reckoned possibly not enough oil in or around driveshaft I may be wrong on that part but he did say it's moving badly when he had a look at it. Now I've ordered replacement parts was jst afraid the circlip would effect the gears if it was missing and I didn't have it located.

No rattle when full lock turning there is a small squeaking/squealing noise when full lock to the right every so often

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