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Rear glass door lifter
Hi everybody, 
I'd like to know if some of you can help with the item as per subject. 
I'm looking for the value of charge of the arms that are supposed to open the rear glass, since my B9 XTR 2011 has not. 
I've bought a pair charged at 155 N but they are too hard and I'm not able to close the glass.
Can someone please advise checking your own fitted? Must be a stamp with a number with "N" as value. 
Thanks in advance  Smile
partsnumber : 8731S0 according to

if i look that up, 620mm long, 625N eject force
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(12-02-2023, 10:23 PM)kwieri Wrote:  partsnumber : 8731S0 according to

if i look that up, 620mm long, 625N eject force

Is that for the whole door lifter ? The ones for the glass are 140N SKU870950, cheaper ones are available on eBay.
So where does this bit go then ?
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no bud, 625 N will lift the whole car ?
I have 2 of 155 N and still too much powerful... maybe the 140 N as per Ffrenchie says are ok, but i don't want to collect thousands of pistons by trying... I'd like to see original ones installed.

sorry was indeed for whole door...

picture gives 8731R8 or 8731V6 depending when car was build is for window alone
but if you look up those still 140N or 200N depending what number of those 2

could try to look at the lid i'm rebuilding, but pretty unclear on those shocks
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also meanwhile i checked....
shocks placed on my tailgate (window) show 155N and this tailgate comes from a 2016-version (my car had original normal glas, not the opening version), so you should have the correct ones...
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(15-02-2023, 04:01 PM)kwieri Wrote:  inoltre nel frattempo ho controllato ....
gli ammortizzatori posizionati sul mio portellone (finestrino) mostrano 155N e questo portellone proviene da una versione 2016 (la mia macchina aveva i vetri normali originali, non la versione apribile), quindi dovresti avere quelli corretti .. .

Thanks Kwieri, the 155N i have, still looks too powerful to close the glass.
Only way i think is to try the 140 N, hoping not to store them together with the others  Smile
if not done already, put some grease on all the hinges (hinges from window + all 4 connections from these lifters)

the trunklid i bought was from a 2016 model, but had idea, compared to my 2010 it was pretty oxidated and that too gives harder movement.
even if it doesn't help, it's always better to do regularly but i feel like stealerships never look at that...
(17-02-2023, 12:49 AM)kwieri Wrote:  se non l'hai già fatto, metti un po' di grasso su tutte le cerniere (cerniere dalla finestra + tutti e 4 i collegamenti di questi sollevatori)

il cofano del bagagliaio che ho comprato era di un modello del 2016, ma avevo idea, rispetto al mio 2010 era piuttosto ossidato e anche quello dà movimento più duro.
anche se non aiuta, è sempre meglio farlo regolarmente, ma mi sembra che i ladri non lo prendano mai in considerazione...

Anyway the glass seems free to move, i don't think it needs grease. It is like the pistons are too hard to close the window glass. When i yry to push it down, there is no movement, and of course i don't force it too much. I'll update you with the 140 N pistons, when i will decide to buy them. 

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