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Adblue Tank issue / Additive Tank issue / Urea light / emmisions fault
So my 2015 Berlingo auto was feeling cold one night and i woke up the next morning with an engine fault which quickly went to an emmisions fault with a light on dashboard for the UREA. A couple miles down the road i was told by the dashboard i had 700 miles to engine stop. Looked around online and found that this should have been a recall problem by citroen. I wrote an email to Citroen who said it was out of warranty (thanks for that) when there is clearly a fault with the adblue or additive tank. I took the car to a friend who connected my 51k miles berlingo to a machine which said there was a P20E8 fault which translates to Pressure of the urea fluid. Urea pressure too low. I am assuming that the pump is knackered. Before I go on, I have already put in a bottle of decristalizing solution from Wynn (never knew it existed) to see if the adblu had turned in the tank and then checked the injector to see if that had furred up and blocked and both appear to be fine. After checking the injector, i had the car reset and went for a drive and the same fault codes appeared so back to square one. I have ordered, instead of buying the whole tank (part number P1001539) for £800 plus a replacement module (part number 12678023) that sits on the top of the adblue tank and houses the pump and electronics etc. This is a second hand part from, believ it or not a 2022 Vauxhall Corsa F. Same module as that on the berlino adblue tank though the tanks themselves are different. I am writing this as there are other cheaper ways to sort this, apparently well known issue that gets alot of garage owners heads scratching (I have now been to 4) so its in the post and arriving tomorrow. Any thoughts anyone? I will keep you posted on progress.
A little time later.......
So i received the 2020 part from a 2022 Vauxhall Corsa F and I removed the adblue that the ebay seller didnt remove (the DHL guy wasnt happy that it leaked over the back of his van) and removed the part from the tank and it looks like the right part for my 2015 Berlingo according to the part numbers. See parts in attachments.

A week or so later.......
I have just gotten around to fitting the 2020 part from a 2022 Corsa F car and it was a bit of a chore. Not as easy as i thought it would be as i am not as young as I once was but it wasnt a major chore. I had to take off the wheel and inner wheel arch below the filler caps and drop the fuel tank a little to get the adblue tank out. I had to remove the pipe from the adblue tank on the side of it and twist myself up a bit to get the adblue tank out. Be sure to unclip the pipe from the under body of car that goes to the adblue injector. You will then be able to drop the tank enough to remove the adblue pump from the top of the tank. 

A couple days after part change.......
The car has been going well for a few days, I reset the faults with a cheap OBD tool from Amazon and (touch wood) the problems have gone and there is no notification telling me about a 700 mile countdown to engine stop. Total repair cost to date for this issue, £300.00 

Added on 24/02/2023. A 1000 miles later and the car is still showing no faults with the emmisions. Mission accomplished I reckon. A £1400.00 quoted bill from Citroen resolved for £300. Happy days

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Well hope that fixes it. Certainly a lot cheaper. Citroen reaction very disappointing for a known problem.
Excellent post, well put and genuine money saver. Stickied for ever!
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Seems this issue is still ongoing, our virtually new company Berlingo with just 8000 miles is giving random Adblue/UREA messages despite the Adblue tank being full. Now giving a no start message within so many miles so booked into Citroen. Never had an issue with my own 18 plate van before it was written off.
I feel your pain, I thought the issue was with B9 Berlingos onwards and not with newer models, im worried about the newer part I fitted now!!!!
@Hopper Any update on your problems?
(14-03-2023, 08:39 PM)hubber Wrote:  @Hopper Any update on your problems?

the problem is gone pal :-)

I fitted the newer part from a 2022 corsa F as described and reset the computer and the problem has been resolved. I have travelled 1200 miles since repairs and all sorted.
(14-03-2023, 08:39 PM)hubber Wrote:  @Hopper Any update on your problems?
Yes all sorted by Howards Citroen, no parts required, they just plugged it in and reset something, no issues since.
Great to hear that. I was a bit worried about my almost new Berlingo with BlueHDI 130.
I'm just wondering if they are improving AdBlue tank with latest cars, or are they just waitng for us to bring cars back and hope not to claim warranty.
The biggest issue is the shelf life of Adblue fluid, it is only 12 months from manufacture and after that it is very likely to crystallize. Therefore if you only do a few thousand miles a year, it will crystalize in the tank.

On the flip side, if you use it up quickly doing more then 12500 miles per year, then check the use-by date on the fluid you buy. If it is 2 years out of date (petrol stations are famous for this, buying pallets they take years to sell) then do not use it! Find some that is brand new.
Not a Citroen!
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
2008 M59 1.6 HDi Van
2003 M59 1.9D Van
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