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Low speed automatic issue
I just bought a 2015 Diesel automatic Multispace.  Starts and runs good, only 50k miles on it. 

The one annoying issue is whenever you take your foot off the brake to the accelerator it wants to lurch and buck. It doesn't stall though.  I've got the Eco turnoff and it idles ok. But, thinking maybe the idle is just too low?  If I use my left foot on the brake and rev it up a bit with my right foot it takes off OK. 

Any ideas I can check would be appreciated.
the gearbox is a manual robotized gearbox, it has a clutch like a normal manual gearbox. you need to accelerate a little before releasing brake so the engine will be at higher power, just do like you drive a manual gearbox, same rpm Smile
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So I need to left foot brake, in other words?
only when you are in first gear and move from standing still
Peugeot Partner Tepee 1.6 BlueHDI 100, year 2017
If you like gaming visit GameForest
Yes, that's what I was thinking. Makes parking a bit sporty but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Thanks for setting me straight on it.
I have the same and reversing into the garage is a nightmare.
I have installed a 4 x 2 plank on the floor to stop me hitting the back wall.
My first 14 plate one did that in first.
My current 16 plate one does it in reverse!
Nightmare trying to reverse into somewhere slowly as its like a bucking bronco, give it some skinny pedal and it smooths out with the added speed. Sometimes I find myself either holding the brake a little or giving it a few clicks on the hand brake if there's not much room for error as it will be uncontrollable without.
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I suffer with this on mine but usually only from cold. It makes it look like I am a learner driver and it is one of the worst robot gearboxes I have owned.  If the outside temperature is more that 12°C The problem pretty much disappears.  I allow the engine to idle for a few minutes to warm up when started from cold and it helps.  Entering roundabouts with this box is also a nightmare.
One thing it does do well when warmed is creep.
The idea of using the brake is worth trying.
Make life easier - go automatic. Cool

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