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2002 1.9d
Hi all. Just a general question here about the 1.9d engine. I’ve just picked up a 2002 Berlingo 1.9d and absolutely love it but not sure I can live with this engine. Just wondering if there is something wrong with the engine or they are meant to be like this having never driven one before. Fairly slow to pick up to speed but will eventually get to 70 on the motorway and stay there but around town I can press accelerator and not a lot happens. Just wanted a few 1.9 owners to give their thoughts. I was thinking maybe fuel pump incorrectly timed or something else?? Thanks
max speed is about 130km/h with 1.9d, it's impotent but very reliable Smile
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Should be able to get about 85mph from the 1.9.  It's not speedy but is quite torquey and should show willing when the throttle's opened, though it's not going to win any red light races.

Might be worth checking the timing - when mine had its cambelt changed last year, the garage got the timing slightly off and made it so it pulled quite well, but was horribly noisy. I got them to adjust it so it no longer sounded like a bag of spanners, but I think it's now not quite as sprightly as it used to be (though this impression might be being affected by the fact that my daily driver is now a 2020 model).
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I had one we owned from new. It was a total slug. 70 took hard throttle for ages. And I never saw it go over that except downhill. Reliable slug. But still a slug.

No turbo of course.
Not a Citroen!
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We did 180000 in our first 1.9D, they are slugs unless you work them hard then they go OK

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Our multispace is coming up to 210,000 now. Is great around local area, i find Is the long motorway hills that show the lack of power with DW8.
Apart from the cost of road tax is probably the cheapest, easiest to maintain and definitely the most practical vehicle I've owned.
Moved a land rover chassis on a four wheel trailer last week so it will do these jobs, just not quickly
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The 1.9D is super reliable but slow, I remember getting an indicated 85 mph from mine and doing it regularly but it does need a bit of winding up.
It likes to be made to rev and you need to be looking ahead in order to maintain your forward momentum - I used to make mine press on quite well considering but my wife used to get the thing bogged down most of the time it is all in the way you drive them.

Having said that a good wagon !

Stay on top of air cleaner changes and timing belts, also the alternator belt too as many forget / neglect to change these.

I found using plenty of injector cleaner helps " performance " if you are using supermarket fuel, personally I prefer the " posh " diesel but that is my choice.

edit : I found with my 1.9d van using sound proofing made it reasonably civilised
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Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
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