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Battery holder
Hi all, I see there is a plastic housing on top of my battery that slides in, the other end is fixed to the bodywork, is it held in place my a Torx bolt or something similar? its a 2019 Berlingo feel diesel. 

I have replaced many car batteries but the K9 is probably the most difficult I have seen. The notes and pics below may help those who (like me) struggled to work out how to remove it. The engine is the 1.2.

  • Remove the large jump start connection point with an Allen key (right of first picture)
    Pull the plastic battery top strap towards you and it will slide out. No need to remove the two bolts connecting the ECU to the battery strap.
    Slacken the earth battery connection (10mm nut) at the back and prise it off.
    Remove the positive battery connection at the front.
    There is an electrical gubbins box in front of the battery. Remove the three 10mm bolts and one 10mm nut holding it down. Leave all connections intact.
    The front battery clamp is an “L” shaped bracket which is also held down by the bolts just removed. Wriggle it out.
    Pull the gubbins box and the positive lead forward (it may help to tie them); lift the battery slightly and slide it forward over the battery tray lip.
    Bracing yourself (this battery weighs 20kg or 45 pounds!) lift the front of the battery and remove the battery at an angle.
    Replacement is the reverse of removal. Check you don’t lose the earth connection when you slide the battery back.

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