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Extremely rattley 1.9d berlingo.. Please Help!!
Hi All.

I have a 2004 1.9d berlingo with the Dw8 engine.

When first started for the first few minutes it has a REALLY LOUD RATTLE, which 9 times out of 10 slowly quitens down But then when the rattle noise goes its starts hesitating, runs really lumpy and smokes alot!

Though sometimes it will stay rattley for an entire journey but despite the noise it runs and drives absolutely fine with no smoke just a horrendous rattle noise when accelerating.

I have changed to advance solenoid on the fuel pump to no avail and I have tested the needle lift sensor on the injector which tested 104 ohms and reasrch suggests anything around 100 is acceptable.

I have removed and cleaned 3 of the injectors and pop tested them and they all appeared fine however the last injector with the needle lift sensor is taller than the other and my deep windowed socket was not deep enough to remove it.

Also I have checked for codes with my pals snap on solace reader and it had came up with 2 codes for engine speed sensor open circuit or shortvto ground and the other was validity of needle lift sensor plausibility   Huh

It does idle high even when warm but the speedo works fines.

I cannot for the life of me source a 2nd hand needle lift sensor and I'm not entirely convinced changing it will solve it?? 

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

I had a problem with an earlier model which had the same rattle and smoke for about two/three minutes after starting, it was the advance/retard solenoid not having a proper earth. It had two terminals. Once a proper earth was added it was perfect.

What about glow plugs , I think they just flash on for a second or two

You know that you can test the injectors by loosening off the injector pipe.

Cant help with the needle lift sensor or codes , never had anything to do with them
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What colour is the smoke?

When my 1.9d's timing was slightly off after a cambelt change, it was really clattery.  I can't recall any smoke or idling problems, but tbh the clattering noise was so concerning, I barely drove it except back to the garage that had done the cambelt (and they adjusted the timing).

When a couple of glowplugs were knackered it produced a lot of white smoke and ran a bit 'lumpy' for the first mile or so, but no rattling. Once warm, it ran normally.
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