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Hey guys, I just joined today. Big Grin

Purchased a Berlingo Enterprise 1.6 HDi 625 L1 5dr Euro 5

82,000 miles, anything to watch out for?

Cheers guys.

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Hi and welcome.  Sorry it's taken a while for you to get a reply - sometimes things can get overlooked.

I've not owned a 1.6HDi so will leave others to comment on any possible issues, though my general impression is it's a solid unit.  Keep on top of regular maintenance (oil, filters, belts, coolant etc.), browse through a few threads on here and ask questions if anythiing crops up.
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That's a tidy vehicle, looks very nice. Really just keep on top of regular oil changes, make sure it gets a timing belt and water pump around the 80 to 100k mark (handbook will say longer but I wouldn't go past 80k myself) and otherwise, they are pretty good.

Don't mess with the electrics, adding stuff on willy-nilly or you can have issues, don't mess with the battery - if it isn't great, replace it as the BSI does not like weak batteries and will throw up masses of faults.

Being a 13 plate, you have a DPF but no Adblue, so when the mileage does hit 100k, it will want a new DPF and a pouch of PAT additive, these need coded to it using Citroen Diagbox software.

In winter, the bloody door handles stick together but a deicer spray kept in the house is enough to release them.

The doors, front and rear, can fill up with rain water that gets in past the handles, The rear doors have a little pair of drain holes in the bottom edge which get blocked up with crap (the end of a small tie-wrap can clear them out), but the front doors have no drain, and require the stupid single (pointless) rubber strip under the door to be pulled off to let the water out, so if you hear sloshing when you brake....get on your knees...

Often the gear shift does not like going into reverse, just try a few times, or lift the clutch in neutral, press down and try again.

Don't fit LED bulbs, it has a bulb failure system and doesn't like them.

If you swap the OEM stereo out, you lose access to set the clock, or to change the display menus etc without an expensive (£60) add-on CAN bus cable  (I am working on a cost effective electronic version myself - watch this space)

The only diagnostics which work properly are Citroen Diagbox but it's not very intuitive and hard to install on a laptop, unless you buy the kit from ebay with the Lexia-3 full chip interface but then also buy the DiagBox 7.83 software as a separate VM for running on VirtualBox - or get an vGate iCar bluetooth interface and use Torque Pro (google play), Car Scanner (google play) or FAP pro Citroen Scanner (Amazon App store - Android) and these will give you fairly good access to most engine only fault codes but that is all. Nothing beats DiagBox and is the only way to do a lot of the things you will need as a long term owner.

If you want to go mobile OBD code scanning and have an Apple phone, then you are out of luck. Android only.

Oh and I have attached some handy docs.

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.pdf   My Van Handbook .pdf (Size: 8.57 MB / Downloads: 1)
.pdf   Citroen-Berlingo-Owners-Handbook.pdf (Size: 7.34 MB / Downloads: 1)
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