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Hi all. Newbie to the site I am having problems with my 2021 berlingo van. The horn isn't working when I press the steering wheel. I can make it beep with my autel machine through the bsi active test. So the horn is OK and the wiring and fuse must be OK. Are they guilty for clock springs? Or wiring issues down the steering column? The van is still under warranty but the closest dealer is near 70 miles away and I can't really be without my van. Any help would b appreciated. Thanks ??
took my 2020 k9 back to Citroen for horn told me was known problem with the wiring and a known fix did it under warranty back in January this year.
Do you know if it needed replacement part of wiring loomor an earth like the early ones? Can't afford down time without my van.
just a fix to wiring near the horn i believe ad my van while servicing
Thank god it’s not just mine.. I’ve a 2020 berlingo and horn would only work when steering wheel was at 2 o’clock, took it to local garage (Peugeot) told me it’ll be the clock spring, they wouldn’t touch it for warranty even tho it’s the same parts as partner.

So took it to nearest available Citroen garage, Arnold Clark, and they said yes it is clock spring at fault. Ordered parts and now starting week 3 with out van because parts are out of stock with no eta on when they will become available…?????. Anyone else got this fun?

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