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Car clock sync
Does anyone know, why car clock can not be synchronized with phone time, when it is connected via Bluetooth?
The clock is usually synced with UTC from satellites and you will need to turn on daylight savings, assuming you have satnav that is.
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My clock did not change automatically when the clocks changed. I could have advanced it a hour with the daylight saving mode but I reset it manually as going to France in summer so I will have to advance it a hour again so I will use daylight saving mode then. Mine is Feel model so no satnav.
Probably due to the old system already in place, in that the MFD display is programmed manually by the stereo buttons over CAN bus, to set the time, it (MFD) then transmits the time again via CAN bus to the BSI, which then stores it. I expect they have never changed this as it was not a priority.

When I was (am) developing a CAN bus module to set the time in vehicles with an aftermarket stereo, I have to set the time in the MFD menu and not by "sending" the time to the BSI directly, as although this seems to work in principle (no error from the BSI), the MFD does not display the time stored in the BSI. This leads me to wonder why they bother to send it to the BSI in the first place.

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It is odd that in the days of Radio cassettes fitted in the dash the clock on the radio display did change automatically when clocks changed or when you went to France as soon as you tuned to a French radio station. Nowadays with built in radios clock has to be changed manually.
Rather weird changing the clock today on mine (XTR with satnav).

Already had the daylight savings "button" switched on, but it did not change while I was out in the car today.  

So went in to do it manually and set it to UTC+1 Paris Berlin etc, but when I went back to the main screen it had then jumped 2 hours ie UTC+1 plus daylight savings time. Changing it back to UTC London Lisbon etc and the display went 2 hours back to GMT.

Only way I could get it to show the correct BST time was to set it to UTC+1 and switch off daylight savings time.
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I don't mind setting the daylight saving time. It bothers me that it's not accurate enough. I need to adjust the time every two months or so, because is more than one minute off.

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