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new car. K9 or jumpy?
Hi guys  
My b9 2008 is near retirement.

My choise is the k9 van or the new 2017+ jumpy/proace van

At work we have the 2019 k9 van this seemes like the good choise.  But i have noticed that when it runs on idle you get a tsju tsju sound from the engine. i have asked the citroen dealer and this is normal engine sound on this car.  i have notiecd the same sound in other k9 aswell,. 

At work we also has the toyota proace 2017(the new design) automatic van .  this car has been problem free until 78000km.  then the waterpump started leaking.  Fixed that, 10k after the headgasket was blown. The price to change this was to expencive so they changed the engine to a used one with 58 000km.   a little time after 20 days. the gearbox was blown.  so now the gearbox and axels need to be changed. 

i like the feel of driving the k9 van but the storage space inside the cabin is poor for bigger objects,  and i dont like the "free floatin" screen. 

the jumpy/proace van. has the same problem with storage space innside. Why did they remove the shelf over the windscreen???. 
its a little bit bigger in size. but the overall storage in the boot is bigger. but i am affraid of the problems that can occure with the cars engine/gearbox. 

i like the automatic but dont know if its a bad gearbox on theese cars. (manual with autocontroller)

what to choose.
Depends what you want in terms of load capacity. The proace is a Citroen dispatch, so is the next level up in size from the Berlingo. In terms of engines and running gear the proace/dispatch is an absolute hound and grossly underpowered with the 1.5l diesel, and probably explains it's apparent reliability issues. They're far more likely to get thrashed given their geriatric throttle response

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The only experience I have with vans of that size is in my workplace [an airline] where the vans are in use 24/7. They have a [fairly] large fleet of Renault Kangoo & Mercedes Citan [which is basically just a Mercedes Badged version of the Kangoo]
They do get a hammering from their usage but all the ones I've driven [and the fleet has ones from new dating back to 2008!] all seem to still drive well. They all seem to have [at least our ones do] the good overhead storage like in the older B9 van.
They are all Manual gearboxes and almost all diesel engine versions. A lot of the 'auto' gearboxes fitted to vans don't tend to be true autos anyway they are more of a semi-auto box and to me, if you are planning to keep the vans for a long period keep things as simple as possible [ie manual gearbox] as less to go wrong.

Another alternative maybe is to look for a very late model used B9 van as they made them up to about 2018-19 but looking at posts online on this forum the later b9 models with the adblue etc do have some problems?
Slightly off topic but I note mentions here that the K9 van no longer has the over-screen storage. my K9 Multispace does, makes me wonder whether its possible/economical to fit the Multispace shelf in the van?
2019 Multispace BlueHDi 100 Flair Nimbus Grey Met

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