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2009 Berlingo Van eating wheel bearings
The Wheel bearing started to go on the drivers side of the van, after starting to change the bearing it was obvious the drive shaft was shafted so changed that (all new), the wheel bearing and the track rod end.  Then had the alignment done.

Then about 3 days later it started going again which i've never had before so we stripped it down again and had a through inspection of the rest of the assemblies and noticed the rubber on the wishbone was sticking out more than it should and the play in it was too much.  So changed the wishbone, the control arm and the centre of the hub (both new) where the wheel bearing sits.

3 days on now and the wheel bearing is going!  This is getting expensive and theres not much else to change!  Any suggestions would be welcome, have i missed something obvious to be looking at on a berlingo?  I've not stripped it down again yet but i'm thinking of changing the whole hub incase there is an issue there.  Could there be anything gearbox side that I need to check that would be doing anything?  Buckled wheel?!
Buckled wheel could be a candidate, but I wouldn't have thought it would kill a bearing that fast. If you get a tyre place to give the wheel a spin on the balancer, it'll soon show.

Did you use a good quality bearing? I've had trouble in the past with GSF bearings lasting about 10 minutes. Then the other question, forgive me for asking, is if is was fitted and torqued correctly.
I’m doing the bearing again today and fitting a used hub assembly incase that’s the culprit, for now until I can get to a tyre place I’m going to put one of the rear tyres on the front just Incase it’s causing it. Yes all fitted and torqued up correctly. It’s baffling me and my wallet! There is a knock on the steel wheel that’s currently fitted on that side so mayyybe that is it.
(13-04-2023, 08:28 PM)malc2003 Wrote:  The Wheel bearing started to go on the drivers side of the van . . .

Then about 3 days later it started going again . . .  

3 days on now and the wheel bearing is going again . . .

So your getting 3 days out of a wheel bearing, what are the symptoms when "it starts to go"?

Can you explain your method of fitting the bearing?

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
We had a rear bearing problem on a Corsa where they only lasted a couple of months and it was caused by the bearing spinning on the stub axle due to wear. Loctite bearing lock cured it.
So where does this bit go then ?
I would dismantle one of the failed bearings and find out why it failed. Was it worn, broken, dry of lubrication etc. Get this info and we will have a better understanding of your issue.


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