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Anyone with M49 / M59 and Amdro Boot Jump
I'm trying to find out how Amdro suggest modifying the front seats so that they fold forward enough for bed space. My '07 Mk2 seats will not even get vertical which means I can only get about 165 bed length where Amdro's version is 185. 

Has anyone got a M59 with Amdro and can tell me how the seat was modified? I can't imagine that Amdro cut chunks out of the seat frame as was suggested as a solution.

Berlingo M59 is the modern 2CV - practical no nonsense motoring! 

It turns out I was wrong! The official advice I had was to use a hacksaw, molegrips and a file to cut the frame down! I am a little surprised! 

I think a Dremel or similar would probably make a tidier job of it, certainly in my hands!
Berlingo M59 is the modern 2CV - practical no nonsense motoring! 

If you join the 'Berlingo/Peugeot Partner Campers Only' group on Facebook, a fair few people have done it on there by using a dremel. Seems pretty easy tbh and i'm thinking of doing it summer once i've done a few other odd jobs. I have a fixed conversion in the back and a bed extender that flips up behind the drivers seat.
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I did it with a file and loads of patience when I made the drivers seat fold further forward on our M59 based Romahome. I did it so that I didnt have to move the seat forward as that brought on the airbag light

I now have a dremel at the ready next time I see the car! The most challenging part of this build is that the vehicle is 120 miles away and I have only seen it twice for fitting!

Can anyone with an M59 tell me how long a bed base they have managed to get in with the front seat modification? What are the spacings on your folding bed parts?? i.e. how long is each section?

I'm worried I might have cut the folding parts in the wrong places and want to get it right before I start drilling the ventilation holes as I want them to line up so that a cord can be passed through them to keep them together when separated from the main part of the boot jump. I have gone for the max width of 116cm

The annoying thing is that when this is all done I won't get to enjoy it as it's not my car! Perhaps that means time to start another similar project as I have been thinking about a camper conversion. Possibly Mk3 BerlingoXL or a VW Caddy or similar! Needs to have reasonable headroom and space for 2 adults and a dog without having to share with the dog!

Berlingo M59 is the modern 2CV - practical no nonsense motoring! 


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