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Coolant change but only 2.5l on the refill - bleed locations?
I removed coolant by releasing the radiator bottom hose. Then unscrewed the bleed screw on the thermostat hosing, a bit more coolant came out the hose but not much. I did not remove the bleed valve on the heater matrix pipe until i refilled the coolant. Nothing came out.

Only 2.5l of my coolant bottle has gone back in and the car has been ran to temp a couple of times. Still between max and min. Not sure how to proceed. Not sure if I should waste the coolant I put in by removing the hose again and unscrewing the heater matrix bleed valve to get more out.

Any one done this before and can give some tips please?

B9 1.6 BlueHDi 2016
I changed the coolant and radiator on my M49 last year, and got about 8 litres coming out, which I think was most of it. Assuming the B9 has a similar capacity, that would mean you've replaced about a third of the old coolant with fresh.  So you could run it as it is for a while because the coolant's performance will have been improved to a degree.  Or you could try the operation again (which is what I would do - partly just because I always like to do a job to a good result, and partly because I'd be concerned as to why it isn't draining fully, and I'd like to get to the bottom of it).

Might be worth searching for a drain plug on the cylinder block. When I drained mine, I referred to the Haynes manual, which said that after draining out the radiator I should "reposition the container below the cylinder block drain plug" and then remove the plug. According to Haynes the plug should have been at the rear of the cylinder block. Now, as it happens, I couldn't find it on my M49, and folks on here said maybe it hasn't got one and not to worry about it, but maybe it's different on the B9?

I'm assuming the expansion tank had its cap off while drainage was occurring? Has the system had any radiator/gasket sealant products added? I've sometimes read that they could block channels etc. (though I should mention that though my system had had radweld added twice - by a garage, not by me - everything seemed to come out anyway).
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Here is the official ServiceBox workshop procedure for drain and refill of the coolant on the B9.

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