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rough running till up to temp
Hi all got a 2006 m59 1.6hdi 
the problem its a bit hard to start in the morning will start rev then cut out if you nurse it about 2000 rpm and warm the engine it runs fine after achieving normal temp it will then start and run fine goes well when turbo cuts in.
if you drive it in 1st and change to 2nd it will cut out and not bump start if you turn ign off and on it will restart with the bump you can hardly feel it bumping.
once up to temperature its fine 
people have said glow plugs but surly they are only for the first minute or so not 5 to 10 minutes.
You might find this thread interesting regarding the 1.6Hdi, glow plugs and cold start problems:
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The HDi doesn't need the glow plugs to start it, they're only used to control emissions and warmup unless it's way below zero. No direct injection engines need glow plugs due to injecting directly into the high pressure area above the piston crown.

The other design of indirect engines would inject into the inlet tract so the fuel forms droplets and needs extra heat to fire it when the engine is cold.

All Berlingos are the first kind. HDi of course.

Check your fuel system for an air leak. It sounds very much like low fuel pressure / air bubbles in the fuel to start with. They can drain back even partly overnight and cause starting issues if there's a tiny bit of air getting in and the fuel filter lid is prone to this if disturbed or has formed a little crack in the casing. Once it's up and running it may be fine till it's sat again over night. This would point to a very small leak - perhaps at an injector leak off pipe or a fuel union or the filter casing itself. Tiny cracks can form on the underside of the plastic fuel lines too, or at the fuel cooler casing.

If you have the bleed ball on top of the engine, pump that till it goes hard and try starting it then. If that works then go hunting for a leak. May not be obvious and the priming / bleed ball may need a lot of pressing to get the air out first thing. If there is air in the lines you will hear it when operating the bleed ball.
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thanks for the replies I've been doing other things and just got to reading your replies.
will start trying all your suggestions will get back to you with any results

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