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Berlingo in disguise..
Big Grin 
Been a while since I created a blog for a project,  and after photobucket had a rethink of its rules, most of my old ones make absolutely zero sense now as they're all missing pictures...


A brief intro, after a few years of being not that bothered about biking my lad (now 10) has started showing real interest and while putting 2 bikes into a SEAT ibiza is possible, it's a ballache that's ruining the bikes and ruining the car...


Time for a van!!!

Old shape transit connects seem to all have rotten sills...
New shape connects are still fetching big money...
Doblos, Combos - ugly beasts aren't they!!
Kangoos - see above...

The big factor for a b'lingo or partner was the 3 seats.. OK, OK, OK..   they're 2½ at best aren't they! Occasionally the missus tags along to watch the biking so without going for a bigger van my choice was made..

I'll admit I was a bit fussy in finding 1, 

it HAD to be a proffesional or enterprise spec as aircon is a godsend...

2014-2016 seemed to be the age range for my budget..

No mega milers...

Nothing that looks like it's been parked in the Ukraine in for the past 12 months...

6 months went by, I travelled all over the bloody place looking at absolute nails until finally...  on ebay.. we had a potential, an hour away!!!

.jpg   Screenshot_20230531_182146_eBay.jpg (Size: 740.88 KB / Downloads: 38)

.jpg   Screenshot_20230609_195046_eBay.jpg (Size: 852.56 KB / Downloads: 26)

With this write up:

Some Service history missing between 2016 and 2021
Just MOT'd and serviced in April 2023, with a clean bill of
Purchased from Suffolk Commercials back in April 2022
Mileage record shows a discrepancy due to last owner
having the dash set in Kilometres and MOT test centres
recording the mileage incorrectly.
Well maintained and drives faultlessly, lots spent in last year
of ownership
My van is privately owned and well cared for and not used for
usiness/trade purposes, therefore there is NO VAT to apply
to the final sale price
Power Steering, ABS, E-Windows, E-Mirrors, ESP, Rear
Parking Sensors, LED Headlights, Bluetooth Audio/Phone
CD/Radio Stereo with steering column remote, USB Charger
and Aux Input, 206 GTI Leather Steering Wheel, Leather Gear
Gaiter, Bulkhead Cage, Ply Lined
3 Seater model, 3rd seat lowers to the level of the rear load
area to allow carrying of 8-9ft tall objects
Good Bits
Recent tyres and brakes all round, cambelt, water pump
replaced summer 2022 and the infamous cambox oil seal
replaced at the same time, new AC condenser and
reconditioned AC pump, LED Headlights as the factory lights
are like candles, 206 GTI leather steering wheel direct
replacement for scabby plastic wheel fitted as standard,
ecent new anti roll bar bushes. 2 recent new front springs
Bad Bits
There are a few scratches and marks from its previous life as
a commercial van as to be expected, as well as some dents
in the roof which are not visible but in attached photos
Reason for sale
I am selling due to recently starting kayaking, whilst I do
transport them on the roof of this vehicle its becoming
awkward to load them, therefore I am looking to replace it
with an economical estate car and may consider swap or px.

Hands were shook, I transfered £3800 to a guy called Steve and took it home...

I had told myself - NO MORE PROJECTS...

I'd told myself this many many times after the last car became something between biblical and stupid..

But you know how it is, french designers are all well and good, but a drunk bloke on amazon can always improve things....
First things first...

Check the bikes...



On closer inspection it turned out the bulkhead bar was stopping the wheel going right up to the seat...


Being a fabricator, this wasn't an issue...

Bars chopped out, lifted, mesh rewelded and the big plate behind the drivers seat chopped out too:


Let's try the bike again...


Working in the back I noticed 2 things..

Well 3 actually..

The factory load bay light was absolutely dog**** 

Despite hating Mr Bezos and his tax avoidance, he does have an unrivalled choice and speedy delivery...



Definitely better but I think long term a better solution is needed...

Load bay power point


Replaced with...


And that's me up to date...

Still lots to do just waiting on materials and time..

A busy week chasing up spring and damper manufacturers, building my lads pool after he stitched up his grandparents to buy him one, work, moaning about the heat, waiting for bits to arrive...

But, some stuff came, so we'll make a start there... kept getting mentions, so some stuff was bought:


Some stuff was ripped out, lots of hoovering/brushing/panel wiping later the fun and games began...




Might start carpeting this weekend but Saturday is work followed by a friends bbq and Sunday is fathers , so chances are it's gonna have to be a few hours after work here and there....

Progress is progress though ey....
Was having a lousy day at work so threw in the towel in at 130 (far FAR too hot for welding...)

Got home, necked a can of monster, took a couple of brave pills and decided to try carpeting the inside...

God damn, what a fiddly job!!.. but after a lot of swearing, 1 and half tins of spray glue, 6 Stanley blades, many microfiber cloths and a fair splash of solvent wipe...

We ended up with 2 main things...

A fuzzy head with dizziness (ventilation needs improving)

And also this...


Quite happy tbh, which for me is rare as I'm  a fussy **** 

Still need to remake the 2 high level infill panels, trim and fit them just incase and handlebars start flying around while driving.. but for a first time effort, chuffed....

Not 100% sure what to do with the factory lower trim panels.. leave them black?? Wrap to match?? Flock them?? 

Choices choices....

Will have a think while I attempt the other side in the morning...
As with all projects... hindsight is a wonderful thing...

My original plan was to retain the factory panels (which hid the wires)

But the more I look the more I think how much nicer it would be to route the wires inside the bodywork and then make, trim and fit some small infill panels over those 2 openings each side.. they can be fixed with a few nutserts...

But that means having those studs poking through... I knew I should have cut them off and sanded off flush....

Like I said.. hindsight in projects is a wonderful thing...

Ah well will pop some little rubber stud covers on them..

The only standard trim panel I'll keep is the 1 that goes behind the drivers seat and trim that in the same carpet to match in....

Passenger side all finished....


BBQ time now....  

Have a grand weekend folks...
Hats off to professional trimmers....   what an absolute ballache on deep recesses and curves.......




I'm quite happy with this side.....
Sliding door panel done...  I'd been dreading this but it went quite well... the hardest bit was wrestling to poxy peugeot clips off ...


Next job..  these little cover panels....

Cable re-routing to be done on the passenger side...  but its definitely looking cosier in the back now... and much quite when driving...

Pretty chuffed considering it's my first go at carpet + spray glue...




Wood collection next to knock up a better fitting floor and get that covered....
Looking good. For Rolls-Royce levels of hush, carpet the roof panels. They are what makes it sound like a bloody biscuit tin.

And for a good floor template, buy a precut van carpet off eBay, then mark around it. Once the wood is in, put the carpet down, job done.
Not a Citroen!
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
2008 M59 1.6 HDi Van
2003 M59 1.9D Van

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