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Chiptuning/ECU reprogram to permanently remove future error with emission
Berlingo 1.6 HDI 2017 B9
Urea tank changed at 110000 km (just out of warranty, had to pay)
NOx sensor changed two times. First time on warranty (well before 100 000km) and second time when around 110 000km
Been problem with emission fault since quite new (40-50 000 km)
I drive almost only on high speed highway

After my last change of NOx sensor, three times I have had the error. First time my friendly mechanics cleaned the sensor and calibrated it. Lasted for 2-3000 km. Second time he just reset the ECU since he could not find any fault (despite 2 error code NOx and particular filer)
I am getting desperate now. Asked him: Is it possible to fix this permanently by chiptuning. Sure he said. But what about control for emission? Don’t worry, it will go through. He did not specify what was possible to do so I ask here:

Is it possible to reprogram the  ECU to disable everything involving this error? As I said, I am getting desperate now: Thinking of get the car trough MOT (which last two years) and let he reprogram the ECU and disable/delete all the s**t which makes this car a nightmare. Driving and just waiting for the error lamp to light up……. 

If  I at least I can get the car to behave properly for the next two years I will be happy to sell it cheaply to anyone willing to buy it (will not hide its error, will be honest) if it doesn’t pass the MOT after been chiptuned
Yes you can remove all of that.
The price for one is around 100E.
Don't know if you will get discount for bundle.
You want to remove 3 things.

But first for NOX sensor check if you have leak in exhaust before NOX sensor.
Maybe there is a leak in pipe and it is "sucking" air and it messes with NOX.
I had similar case once years ago.

I have removed EGR from my 1.6HDI 2008 years ago.
After that when MOT measure black smoke form exhaust
it is even smaller than before when EGR was active.
Yes, but I don't know if my EGR was fully working OK in my case.
So my findings my be completely wrong or there is some conspiracy theory  Tongue

Best regards,

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