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Stop electrics for 1.9 diesel
The problem we're having on my mates 1.9 Citroen Berlingo is that the engine doesn't stop when the ignition key is switched off. It obviously does stop when the manual lever is operated. The other thing is that because the fuel solenoid is permanently energised it is draining the battery. The relay that energises the solenoid has been replaced to no avail.(the one with the 9 pin connector). We have a Haynes manual for the Peugot and Citroen of the correct year but it is sadly lacking in the fine detail of the starting/stop electrics. Where the input to the relay is coming from we don't know. Thats the next plan of attack at the moment, to find that. If you could shed any light on this problem I would be very grateful
Has somebody dabbled with the electrics and by-passed the immobiliser and wired the fuel shut off valve directly with a permanently live feed ???

You really need to start checking around with a multimeter for more of an idea what is happening. Haynes manuals used to be good years ago but of late I find them sadly lacking, for what you pay for them even the quality of paper is suspect.

Certainly I would pull the wires to the solenoid when the vehicle is parked up for long periods.

Good luck
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Thanks for the reply andy-womble, no one has touched the van electrics, it just started of its own accord. I completly agree with you about Haynes manuals. Years ago they were a genuine help to an amateur mechanic but recently they haven't helped at all. Perhaps the focus of the company has changed. Be honest , who really wants a Haynes manual on the Saturn 5 rocket or even a Vulcan bomber. When it comes to Man, Woman or Baby need I say more?
Good luck daijohn, got the Haynes Berlingo manual out of the local library as we speak.

Trying to trace electrics for heated seat, nothing found. Might as well look for "chocolate fireguard" or "retro fitment of an ashtray on a motorcycle"

From your further description, sounds like you are getting a "rogue" feed to the energising relay so something back up the circuit from there could be putting in a permanent feed when it should only be present with ignition switch in the run position, could even be a duff ignition switch.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Hi all Just an update on the above problem. To be able to use the van we installed a switch on the dash and a relay so as to be able to interupt the rogue feed to the fuel solenoid. This last weekend we finally went at the problem in earnest. When the fuse box etc was removed we found that the cabling by the bulkhead had been gnawed by a mouse. There were bared wires showing but only 2 strands shorting out giving the intermittant feed. The cables were made safe and now all is well. The switch and relay now act as an imobiliser and everyone is happy. Hope this info might help someone.
Nice one mate and glad you got it sorted.

Bl**dy mice, have had them in my caravan in the past and last year they were in my garage and gnawed at a brand new fishing holdall so I know what little beggers they really are....
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Just read this on another thread, daijohn.

You can buy a de cat pipe, just wondering if you can get a de-mouse pipe???

(01-06-2011, 09:37 AM)j90xxx Wrote:  Wonders of fleabay.

No need to thank me.:thumbsup:
1.9 de cat pipe.

Ok. You can thank me if you want...

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
there's a man on the Jag forum had mice in, cost him the best part of two grand at Jaguar to get a new loom installed!
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