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[UPDATE] Please Read: Member Interaction
There are 3 things i want everyone to be aware of.

New Thanks System

We previously had a reputation system whereby you could 'rep' someone if they helped you, or made you open your eyes to something, or whatever. However, i didn't think this quite fitted with what we were about, so we now have a 'Thanks System'.

You can Thank someone by clicking the button on the threads, if they helped you out, solved your issue or anything else you would thank someone for. Even if you had no input to the thread, but found the info useful, you can Thank the person also. Please use it, as it will help to add some dimensions to the members we have, useful feedback loop to have!

New Support System

When you post in the Technical Help Area, your thread will have Not Solved next to it. This is in place to make this forum more accessible, and more useful as it's prime use, as an online resource. Once your issue is solved, we will mark it as such. So try and make it clear that you ahve had your issue solved by at least responding to the person trying to help you!

Once again, this is a feedback loop and should prove really useful. Saving you and others from trawling through pages of threads.

Thread Rating

We have had this from Day 1, but it hasnt been used much. I'm not asking you to go all out rating every thread you read, but it would be nice if you rated threads honestly, and annonymously. Once again, im just trying to make this place effective, where useful threads gradually sift themselves to the top!

I'm going to try and cut out all the teething problems and integrate the above smoothly into the forum, but at least the infrastructure is there.

Thanks Wink
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What's the warning level then Andre?
(06-02-2011, 06:10 PM)scarab Wrote:  What's the warning level then Andre?

Thanks for the interest. Another member asked this question a few months back, you can find the thread here:
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  • andy-womble
ahh cool , I hadn't noticed that before thought it was new since you changed the rating system clearly I wasn't very observant before Wink

Quick update. The small 'Q' button you see at the bottom of each post, in line with 'Edit' and such icons... now works.

This means you can quote someone quickly and reply using the 'Quick Reply' box at the bottom of each thread.

Just click the Q, and in the reply box, you will see you now have the ability to 'Quote these posts now'.

Regarding the Solved/Unsolved threads, ive changed them to Green/Red icons. Red being unsolved, Green being solved. A lot more elegant and easier on the eye. If it is you that has created the thread, you also have the ability to 'Select the best answer', once again making it more useful for future reference.
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