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[Transmission] ETG6 specialist in SE England?

I have the 6 speed 'auto' clutch system on a 2014 Multispace XTR (38K miles).  

The clutch is grabby, especially in reverse, which I read is typical for this vehicle.

Has anyone had a good experience with a garage in North Kent or thereabouts which can replace these clutches and the associated bearings?  I know the grabby-ness will come back but I want to buy myself another 30K+ of life for this car if I can as everything else about it is pretty fresh despite it's age.
If Enfield is close enough, try giving this guy a call:

Good Google rating but I've not used him yet so can't recommend personally.
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38k is nothing for these and at £1800 for replacing the clutch it seems excessive, assuming the flywheel needs doing also?

One thing that really causes these to be notchy is accelerating too slowly, you may find getting someone to reprogram the biting point may well help.
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Thanks both - your comments appreciated. Tree is right - £38K is young. What I worry about is it going pop in 3 years time and noone being able to source or fit a replacement.

But perhaps I'll sit back and cross my fingers. I only do around 5K miles per year so if it lasts to 70K, I've still got 6 or 7 years in it by which time it won't owe me anything.

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