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Do they do it on purpose?
The K9 is my 3rd Berlingo,  I like them, they drive well and do everything I need. But the servicing is shocking. I've just done my first service on the K9 and even changing the oil filter is a pain. Having to remove the undertray, taking off the pipe to the airbox, the cartridge filter needs to be 'SQUEEZED' between coolant hose and a harness. Almost beyond the home mechanic. 

I've got other cars, one that is 1972, oil change, spin on filter, easy acces, takes about 10 minutes.

Surely if you were designing a car / engine these days, would you not make servicing easier?

My wife's car has got small access hatches in the front wheel arch so you can change the headlight bulbs easy, now that is progress.

So it's reasonable to think that Citroen 'could' make it easy, but actually chose not to, so you have to go to the dealer?

Any thoughts?
There are a lot of things like that nowadays. I think that they don’t want us to do anything ourselves, and don’t mind that garages have to spend more time,since they will be able to charge for it at the going rate.

At least mine is electric, so very little needs to be done at service, though no doubt they will maximise what they do charge for!
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Please remember, that engine design is fitted in numerous different vehicles, some of which have quite easy access to the filter. However, in some engine bays, pipework, mountings, hoses etc have to be run in that area, making it a little more challenging.
I have a 1.5HDI K9 and I find changing the filter quite straightforward. I also don't mind dropping the undertray every few thousand miles, as It gives me a chance to inspect all those hidden bits.

I changed the oil and filter on my 1.5HDi in February.  I found the main issue was that a quite specific torque wrench was required - one able to calibrate to the correct tightness, but also have a rather short handle.  Most wrenches wouldn't fit in the available space.  I ordered one specially from MachineMart for about £75.  Even that one could barely be turned more than a few degrees each time.

As to the undertray, mine was very thoughtfully removed without my knowledge or permission by the dealer who did the first scheduled service under warranty..........
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I'm one of those people that got their first car nearly fifty years ago and the car was then twenty years old so "doing stuff" was pretty straight forward. I also trained as a mechanic and worked as such for many years.
As cars progressed and the introduction of computers/electronics and complicated bits it became evident my old ways were being left behind. I mean, who adjusts the distributer timing any more by twisting it around and listening?

Obviously I did everything needed to my own cars myself. Now though, not. I do nothing apart from the basic checks and a garage does the rest. I've not changed an oil filter since about 2002 or a bulb since about then as well. I miss the interaction with the car but I don't miss the absolute complications for often even the most simple of jobs and the jobs never needed in the past - e.g. downloading updates to the touch screen/navigation in a specific way and specific format then leaving the car on tickover for twenty minutes or so and hoping it worked ok etc.
Now a 2019 K9 1.2 petrol.
Before a 2010 B9 1.6 HDi diesel.
Did you service the petrol or diesel engine?
Yep, I always do my own servicing, this k9 is a diesel, very dirty oil all over the place, just runs down the engine when you take the filter off...I posted another thread about oil, as I used 0-40 oil which is giving good results so far..

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