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Gearbox input shaft noise after clutch change
Hi All,

Got a 2011 B9 Berlingo van with DV6 engine and BE4R gearbox here, I did a clutch and thrust bearing change a couple of weeks ago (what a pain that was!) and ever since the gearbox input shaft has been making a grinding noise like a dry worn bearing - I assume its the I/P shaft as when the clutch is pressed it goes silent and when the clutch is released to the bite point, so still under tension, is it makes the sound. And yup I've double checked the oil level which is OK.

Does anyone know if these models have spigot bearings and ive just not known about it so its fallen out or something? And is the plastic breather port on top is the only oil fill point for the whole gearbox/diff? I'm just trying to think what could have caused it as I didn't touch anything gearbox side - any suggestions welcome!

So with the clutch in it makes a noise and clutch out it doesn’t?. My fill for gearbox is behind the inner plastic wheel arch. Not a breather just a bolt remove fill till oil comes out done. If the gearbox was alright before the work you would have to lean towards the work you have done is somehow contributing to the problem. Might have to revisit it.
(29-07-2023, 06:14 AM)OMG Wrote:  So with the clutch in it makes a noise and clutch out it doesn’t?. 

The opposite, so clutch pedal up it makes the noise and pedal down it's silent.

Almost certain its not the release bearing as it happens mid way though the clutch's travel exactly where the bite point is

Did you have any trouble aligning the gearbox when refitting? If so, you could well have damaged/dislodged something. The only way to tell is drag it all back out again.

Is there not a guide tube for the clutch release bearing to run in or something? Mine apparently had that replaced when the clutch was done as the clutch centre said it was a common fail.

Maybe that's what's making the noise.
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