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[Engine] Injectors cleaning
Hello everyone,
I own a Berlingo 1.6HDI 2008 9HW engine, and I intend to clean the injectors and replace the seals due to white smoke on startup and visible leaks around some of them. So I'm getting ready and gathering information about what I need and how, and there are a few things I'd love to ask you.

I've seen several videos that explain the process, and after the injector is disassembled, they just clean it from the outside and that's it. At the same time I searched and found videos that show how to disassemble the injector itself and clean it from the inside (links attached). And I usually like to disassemble and clean what I can, but fear that it might be an unnecessary risk.

1. Do you think it's worth disassembling the injector and cleaning the inside or not?

2. Some people use carburetor spray, and some use brake cleaning spray, which is better? (Maybe carburetor spray for the injector outlet and brake spray for the injector itself? Could the 'residue' of the carburetor spray harm the engine/injector?)

3. Should I use a metal wire brush to clean the dirt from the injector or could it damage it?

4. In the video, the guy uses a screwdriver accessory that polishes the shaft of the injector. I didn't find exactly that, but I found cleaning kits with a similar device. do i need it? Can't using metal brushes like the ones in the kit scratch the inside of the shaft?

5. In addition he uses a 'reamer' to flatten the bottom of the shaft and the tip of the injector. I don't have the equipment and thought of giving up on this step. Do you think it is worth the purchase or can I just skip it?

6. In the video he also uses a metal rod that seals the opening down while he cleans the shaft. I couldn't find one. Do you know what it is and where it can be found?

7. In the store I intend to buy the gaskets from, there is a set from a better company but without the green gaskets for the low pressure line, or a set from a lesser company but with these gaskets (I didn't find them separately) which one would you buy?

Thank you all

Gasket replacement video-
Disassembling the injectors video -
Set of 12 seals-
Set of 16 seals-
Shaft cleaning kit-
"Visible leaks"
Before you get too deep into what can be challenging territory,
What is leaking?
Best case would be leaky green o rings from the spill off pipes.
Diesel leaks out when running, air leaks in when stopped, which might cause white smoke at start up.

Before you go too far down any rabbit holes, what is the compression like?
Hard to do without a very expensive compression gauge but a good poor man's test is to............

Handbrake, ignition off.
Jack up a front wheel till it clears the ground.
Put in 2nd or 3rd gear.
Turn wheel (forwards!) and you should feel four even resistances where the compressed air in each cylinder fights back.
A weak leaky cylinder (rings, gasket, valves, burnt copper seal from loose injector) might also cause white smoke.
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)

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