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M59 what does windscreen cost.
Nice big rock tossed by lorry tyre has badly cracked the windscreen.  Angry
Any good advice on present replacement  cost?
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
I changed mine around 2 yrs back - claimed on the insurance as it had a windscreen cover

excess circa £80 which was good

Didn't affect renewal premium
Don't bother with the big names, they hike their prices up because they know the insurance will pay out. The smaller local firms are the ones to go for.
Asda sell the RainX brand bodge kit for £7.50.
First sunny day since forever, which is good, as that is what sets the resin off.
I will report back in a few days & let you know if it worked.
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
RainX Bodge kit from Asda works a treat!

At "birth", bullseye & crack, 200mm, then grew another 25mm getting home.
Spread another 25mm going to Asda the next day, and spread another bloody 25mm going back home.

Park in shade.
Remove any trim that would shade the cracked glass from direct sunlight.
Enter the magic glue.
Put tiny amount of resin at the downhill end of crack, and watch it wick it's way in.
Keep teasing a tiny puddle on the surface, but careful not to overtake the glue wicking it's way through the crack.
If the puddle goes too fast, air pockets will be left in the crack. So don't go too fast.
When you run out of crack, smear a little extra along it and then cover with the clear plastic sheets that fell out all over the place when you opened the packet.
Move car into full sun and leave.
Half hour on sunny day. A way lot longer on a cloudy day.
Why don't I just say "follow the enclosed instructions"?
& watch you tube.

The stuff works, the crack has gone from 1mm per mile to zero.

From now on, I will be keeping a tube of this stuff in the glovebox, as the sooner it's applied the better.

The youtube videos have the professionals drilling & punching crack stopping holes in the outer layer of glass. I am not a professional, so I chickened out. 
But there are good engineering reasons for doing this.
192,500 miles,  (Resurrected at 186,000)
When the tube runs out, keep the rest of the kit, superglue does the job too as well as the original goop.
Could be worse.... Could be a Caddy.

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