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Is there a dash light for side lights?
Hey, I've just had an MOT failure because they said my sidelights aren't coming on but when I checked, they are coming on. 

There is no dash light to indicate that the sidelights are on so I'm wondering if that's what they meant? Appreciate any help this, even better if you know if the dash light not working is an MOT failure? Thanks
I've gone out and had another look and I see what the issue is, the first click into the sidelight position isn't registering anything on the dash (so no illuminated dash) but the lights are coming on. Then if you click again into headlights then the dash lights up, one click back to side lights and the dash now stays on and illumined in that position.

So seens like it's some dash related problem. The garage has said to replace the stalk or entire unit on the steering wheel, does that seem correct?
Are you sure the fail was for sidelights? If they are working, this makes no sense.
Was the fault for no sidelight indication on dash?

If by clicking you mean rotating the lights stalk, then the issue could be a worn or loose contact inside it. All the stalks come pre-fitted into a central unit behind the steering wheel which is called a com2000, and this is what it seems you are being told to replace.

There are many many different models of com2000, even for the same model of Berlingo, so your first job is to identify which one you have, by a sticker on it hidden out of sight.

But, firstly, this might not be the problem so you need to do further testing (wiggle the stalk), and secondly you might be able to replace just the stalk - check out the many Youtube vids on this.

Second hand com2000s go for £20-50 on eBay, but you must know which one you ant, and don't just go by engine size and year or whatever.
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Hey, thanks for the reply. I think they think there's a problem with the switch (I've attached the wording of the MOT failure) but I'm just worried that they might be underestimating or misinterpreting the issue. Because the side lights are coming on, but the dash isn't reacting by illuminating the dash and the 'lights on' lamp on the dash when the side light position is selected on the stalk.

Weirdly, if you go straight to the second position everything works as normal, if you then rotate the stalk back to sidelights then the dash and lights on lamp stay illuminated. I would think if there was an actual issue with the switch then the lights themselves wouldn't function normally but they're working correctly.

Very frustrating that they won't let this one slide because I feel like this one is going to be a can of worms and it's really very minor considering there is a way to get the dash illuminated with sidelights on and the lights themselves are working correctly. Sigh.

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Just had a look at my 2018 Peugeot partner and was surprised to see there is no side light dash lamp, just the whole dash lights up on side lights. What is the "lights on" light that you mention.
I don't think I've ever used side lights except very occasionally when parked.
I've just had a look at my 2010 b9 and its the same , no light on in sidelight mode except the dashpanel lights up and only in the headlight position does the green light comes on.
Could the fact the dash lights up when in sidelight position the dash light is the warning that your sidelights are on?
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Appreciate you checking this guys.

It's a strange one, perhaps the lamp on the dash is reserved for dipped/high beam then. Mine definitely does have some sort of electrical issue because it functions correct with the engine off (except the dash doesn't illuminate when the sidelights are on) but with the engine on, if I switch to side light then after a few seconds, the dipped beam comes on as well. I think they would let it slide if they'd tested with the engine off but it's certainly a weirder thing happening when the engine is on (though still no dangerous in my opinion).

I've had a word with the tester, they said if I show them it working how I described with the engine off then they'll pass it. I hope they do, because it's really not a big deal and likely a huge can of worms to fix!
Both you other guys are looking at B9s but the chap has an M59.

cha1n, the failure is NOT related to your sidelights at all, it is ONLY for the stalk.

It sometimes working and sometimes not just means that it is starting to wear out.

You need to replace the com2000 as I said above. It might be possible to repair the switch but it would be a lot of hassle and com2000s from breakers are not much money on eBay.

Check out Youtube for how-to vids.

One way you could get rouind the MOT if you really want to is to give the car to a friendly local mech for service and MOT, tell them about the stalk issue, and they might well 'help' the MOT guy out by sitting in the driving seat during the test to save him having to operate the controls, and bluffing the lights control. I did this to get away with a horn which only worked when the ignition was off for several years.
53 1.4i MS MPV RIP
53 1.6 MS Desire RIP
08 C4GP 1.9 VTR+
Thanks, I managed to sweet talk my way out of the lights issue in the end. I just never use my sidelights and I'll likely keep the car until it dies so really a non-issue for me atm. I'll keep an eye out for a comms unit to come up cheap.
Must be a good car for that age if dash illumination on side lights is all the tester can pick up on., there is no indicator light for side lights on M49. Bit pedantic in my opinion

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