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Hi all,

Looking for some suggestions, having a couple of issues, and im out of ideas now.

I have a 2006 Citroen Berlingo Van 1.9 Diesel DW8B, about a year ago the cam belt snapped destroying the camshaft and cams, following this it had a whole new head, cams, shaft etc. headgasket and all gaskets/seals from there up replaced, new cambelt, water pump, pulleys and tensioners, fan belt, oil change and filter, fuel filter, air filter, all the usual. Once all was back together, she started up straight away without hesitation, however, since then when starting from cold, for the first 5 or so minutes until the engine is up to operating temperature, it billows white smoke from the exhaust, and the engine shakes quite violently with a loud knocking from the gearbox, but after a few minutes she idles and drives beautifully, no smoke, no shakes or knocks. The van has been sat on the driveway ever since, but has been started up and left to idle for a while maybe once a week, always the same thing, starts fine, but with the smoke and shakes until warmed up, until this last week it’s now struggling to start, I can only get it to fire into life by spraying easy start in the intake. I have checked for combustion leaks using the blue liquid test on the coolant and that was fine, passed compression tests on all 4 cylinders, had the multimeter all over the electrics, the glow plugs, battery and relay are all fine. Cant see any air bubbles in the fuel line, and have checked that fuel does flow to all 4 injectors ok.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Have also checked the timing at least 10 times, particularly with the injector pump, it’s as spot on as can be.

Thanks in advance!
Is this the same van as in your last two threads or a different one?
Could be worse.... Could be a Caddy.
I like the way it is a she when she behaves and she is an it when it doesn't.
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For me you have to start with diagnostic preferably diag and work through the codes.
Was replacement head skimmed / checked for warp before assembly
I had these symptoms with a 1.9 xdu , It was the advance solenoid on the HP fuel pump which was not earthing properly , repaired the earth and the problem went , started great every time.

Yours being a DW8B is differently wired but it would be worthwhile to check the wiring to the solenoid,?
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