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[Engine] Berlingo 1.6 NFU it won't start
I have a problem with Berlingo year 2006 1.6 petrol engine NFU, petrol/LPG, 200,000 km, start in the summer for the second time, in the winter it started right away. Diagnostics without defects, new coil, spark plugs, fuel pump, filters, SW playback. The car was in 3 service centers - they did not find the cause. I studied the issue myself.
what to look for next?
-petrol injectors?
-hydraulic tappets (valve clearance adjustment)
-faulty control unit?
When the car is parked for more than a few hours, it only starts the second time. The first time it doesn't start - the engine just jerks, the second start is always ok, then there is no problem until the car has been standing for more than a few hours.
I do it like this now: I turn on the key and just hit the starter to turn it a little, then the second time it always starts

how to check correct valve clearance? Here is a stiffener and it is different from the old car where there was a screw for adjustment. Could the hydraulic tappet be defective? (a little oil therefore does not limit the play, but after the second start there is already oil in the tappet?

why doesn't it start right away? Otherwise, everything works and drives well

Please help
Regarding diagnostics, have you had DiagBox with the LEXIA interface connected to the vehicle, or a generic 3rd party obd2 reader?

I have the same engine in my B9, but given yours is an M59, I'm not sure if your van has a dash display that tells you what faults may be present in the system, like the B9 does. Are there any faults displayed?

Another possibility might be a faulty starter motor?

If you are able to post a video of the issue to demonstrate the problem, that might help us to understand the symptoms more clearly.

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Lexia diagnostics, no faults, live values are fine, the starter spins, the battery is ok, it's only the first start in the morning, the engine doesn't start, it just jerks, the second time it starts up fine, then it drives and starts fine until it stops for a long time, approx. several hours - again the first start does not work, only the second start works
-fuel pump
-ignition coil
-spark plugs
the car does not have a display
engine is 1.6 NFU control unit ME745
three spins of the starter the voltage drops to 9.2V is that ok? Is it possible that the battery is already weak and then there is not enough gasoline when starting? But the starter spins normally.
No it must be no less than 11v while cranking.
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