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Headlights for mainland Europe
I have searched this on the Forum, and haven't seen a definitive answer, and/or hoping things have improved.
I have a 2021 Berlingo (Blue HDi 100 Feel M1.5).  Do I need to adjust the headlights when travelling in France, Spain...?
Salesman said no; Citroen seemed to think yes! I thought modern headlights didn't need adjusting. Might be useful to know what type of headlights they are if someone knows? Can't believe something as basic as this isn't designed to be no hassle/extra expense...
Looks like nobody is certain about this , I dont know but with a skoda octavia it is easily done by moving a lever in the headlight .
All it done was move the headlight beam from the left of the road to the centre/right side of the road.
If at present your beam is in the middle of the road then should be OK abroad for right hand driving.

Someone else may know more
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The glass lens is shaped to direct a higher and brighter beam pointing towards the nearside to illuminate the verge at night.

Therefore, in UK cars it points to the left and in Euro cars it points to the right.

So if a RHD car is taken to a LHD country or the other way round, this beam will blind oncoming drivers even if you are only using dipped beam.

The standard fix is to buy a pair of sticky clear plastic lens correctors and slap 'em on.
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Ben, our Gryff is a professional truck driver so I personally would take that advice as being spot on.
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I've suddenly realised this thread is relevant to me as well but in the opposite way. I'll be taking my German registered Berlingo to the UK soon. I'll have to start looking to see if there is some conversion lenses or something.
I do remember when I often used a UK car in Europe you could buy a couple of stickers to blank off on the headlight lens the section that diverted the beam to one side or the other plus, paint the headlights yellow for France.

Mind you, I often see UK registered cars in Europe and they don't appear to have any visible form adjustment. Maybe also ask the AA and/or RAC. I'll be asking the German ADAC to clarify. I tend to think there has be be something.
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You don't see visible corrections because there aren't any - a lot of people don't bother or don't know. Not until they cause an accident anyway.

Beam converters / headlight deflectors are cheap and fit all vehs in a country. For example top off the list in an eBay search is

But you will need to go to a European eBay site and get deflectors for Eur cars being taken into the UK. You'll probably have trouble getting them here.

I found this but can't read German, so I leave it to you to make sure they are correct:
53 1.4i MS MPV RIP
53 1.6 MS Desire RIP
08 C4GP 1.9 VTR+
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Thanks. I've just had a look at the ADAC website and they do sell beam converters for UK use. They have them for sale at my local office anyway so as it's just a few minutes away and close to my normal routes I'll nip in there and get a set. Wonderful. Thanks again.
Now a 2019 K9 1.2 petrol.
Before a 2010 B9 1.6 HDi diesel.
Sehr gut!
53 1.4i MS MPV RIP
53 1.6 MS Desire RIP
08 C4GP 1.9 VTR+

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