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Singaporean Berlingo!
A couple of snaps I took this morning - will do more when I can, and with a better camera than my phone!

The car is a 2001, 1.4 petrol. We bought the car when it was a couple of years old from an importer of Japanese 4x4 and sports cars who'd bought it as their family runabout.

It is now as it was when we bought it - leather interior etc.

Some bits have failed - most irritatingly the sunroof (thank you 'Cars2 Ltd' of Cross Hills, Citroen dealer most c**p - hate them and may they all rot in hell, etc - yes, we have 'issues' with this garage, can you tell?!) which, now, has a broken motor and the 'sliding' mechanism. Would love to replace but finding another? Tricky so far...

But the car itself has been fab - superb daily family transport and ideal for the camping trips, and with the recent addition of All Season tyres (Hankook Optimo 4S, very good and at c.£50 a corner pretty cheap) the car is now even better!

With the funky colour, alloy wheels and 'the worlds largest sunroof' it is a lot more stylish than most people realise these cars to be, not to say practical and reasonable to run...Big Grin

Ps - apologies for the state of the interior, these really were quick snaps as I left her at the garage this morning (suspected head gasket oil leak :-( and investigation of knocking in the suspension, somewhere on the off side...)
Are they plastic reindeer antlers i see in the boot? Tongue

Are there any differences with a Berlingo from Singapore? Like for example a Pug 206 from Iran is produced by a different company to the French manufacturer we import over here.

Get that sunroof sorted for summer, abuse this forum plenty and we will all help you out, such a waste of a great feature.
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(09-02-2011, 12:04 PM)Andre Wrote:  Are they plastic reindeer antlers i see in the boot? Tongue

that could start a whole new topic of "what do you do in the back of your Berlingo?" Wink
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


Yes, and the indirect cause of a now non-functioning n/s window! Blush Blush

Combination of paranoia on behalf of my wife, and idiocy on mine meant we have seemingly strained something in the window mech., and which now doesn't work Blush

So, another thing for me to mend, if I am ever allowed time to do so Confused - but we do intend to keep her on the road, if only because it is our only car and we can't afford to change it and it is just so good at what we use it for

Sorry, er, no I don't think there is a difference, except the exhaust doesn't have a catalytic converter which apparently EU ones of that year do. Made for interesting time when I needed to replace the system a couple of years ago - but all sorted when we had a good look at the parts catalogue!

And, yes, I am in need of a scrap 'lingo or somewhere locally (Skipton-ish) who has one
funky little rear seats....I like...
Hi! Do you mean the car was originally sold in Singapore & it is now in the UK? Certainly a nice interior.

Yes, it was made in France, exported to Singapore and then imported into this country

Yes, we love the rear seats - I think they were an option from Citroen - in fact the car seems to have pretty much every option going for the time!

Made in France? Not Spain?

Love those cream leather seats, by the way!
Sorry, I have always just assumed they were made 'en France' - were they actually made 'en Espania'?

Learn something new everyday! :-)
Jamesf. You are right. Production site of all Berlingos is Port-o-Vigo. It's in Spain.

If in OPR -code you have letter 'V' - it is Port-o-Vigo.

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