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Injector Replacement
The pain and skinned knuckles of the clutch replacement (almost) behind me, and it's time to start gathering parts for replacing all 4 injectors.

Parts\tools thought of so far,

- Exchange injectors. (£300ish)
- Injector seal puller (£15)
- Injector seat cutter (£20)
- Copper seals (free with injectors)
- Leakoff seals (free with injectors)

These don't seem to have a bad reputation for stuck injectors, I already have big screwdrivers and crowbars, so I'm not planning to buy a puller.

Other things,

Clamp Bolts - these seem to have a single E-torx bolt per injector, part 1982.G5. £10ish a set of 4.
Clamps - I can't see a need to replace the hold-down clamps.

Plastic guide thingys - seem to be part number 1982.G6
Rubber seals in head - I can't work out of this engine - 9HL (DV6C) code - also has the rubber seals that seat into the head.

Catcar is not being very helpful here, best I can find is this page which doesn't specify engine code.

Anyone got any ideas on,
- The correct plastic guides?
- Do I need rubber seals into the head?

Thanks in advance.
The injector is a ease to remove. Have done 8 of them now

Loosen the returnline, 2 etorx, and diesel pipe.
I used a screw driver/ small crow bar to get them out. If they are a little stuck. use the closed end of a spanner on the diesel pipe stud to wiggle them loose.

For the seals use a pointy metal pick or simular to get them out.
The copper washer in the botom i used a phillips screwdriver that was a little bit bigger than the senter hole, and pressed it down.
I had a problem with remowing two of the Torx studs for the hold down clamps. i end up with removing the engine cover, and used a chissel to whack them loose.

If you send me your VIN i can send you the parts list for the things you need.
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Appreciated, I'll send it over.
Incidentally, I've found 7zap to be much easier for drilling into specific models\variants than catcar,
Good luck with 7zap, there's a reason we don't use or recommend it.

PSA diesel engines all show "spark plugs" and "coil packs" but no diesel injectors, and the sections for exhaust line (emissions) should be cat & DPF but instead only shows "secondary air pump" which they don't have, and when you drill into that section, it's actually a blow-up of a gearbox.

Not much use.
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I'm having more luck than that,
That shows partial obscured part numbers and says "only premium users can see applicability" - £59 a year or something it says.

Why not just get ServiceBox off eBay if you want to pay anything (less than £20) and then you have the official part numbers and all repair procedures as well as electrical schematics.

Catcar is free and for most folk is fine if they bother to search properly. If anyone prefers 7Zap then no worries either way.
2017 B9 1.6 BlueHDi Van
2012 B9 1.6 HDi Van
2008 M59 1.6 HDi Van
2003 M59 1.9D Van
Ahh, click through to the search and you can see the numbers anyway. Smile

I just found it easier to find the right variant on there (of which there are SO MANY)
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