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Sliding side and tailgate rear door interior lighting question
I've owned my Pug Partner Escapade for a few years now but only realised last night that the sliding side door keeps the interior lights on for the duration the door is open but the boot/rear tailgate only keeps the interior lights on for a short amount of time!

It's frustrating when towelling the dog down in the back of the car after a walk. Previously I've locked/unlocked the car again to get me a bit more tailgate light. It's a large sized dog so I've always used the tailgate

Is this normal operation? Can the tailgate 'timer' be increased?
2004 Peugeot Escapade 2.0HDI. 83k miles
2004 Volvo V70 2.4  200k miles
2011 Volvo XC90 215k miles
The eco timer is fixed at a max of 20 mins. The side door shouldn't be keeping the lights on for longer.

A tip, put the hazards on, that prevents the eco timer kicking in.

Then you can have the rear door open as long as you want until the battery gives out. Try that.
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That's weird, mine stays open as long as the boot's open (well, until it goes to eco mode). There's a 3 position switch on the light housing though (on/off/door), maybe just flip it to on while you're in there?

I'm wondering if it's a faulty door switch that's closing as you open the door, then going open circuit again. I've never looked for the switch though, so no idea what or where it is.
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Thanks for the info!
Okay - bit of experimenting.

Opening the tailgate the interior lights stay on for ~20seconds before dimming.
Manually operating either of the rear interior lights once it's timed out and neither of them work!

Lock car/unlock, hazards on, try tailgate again - exactly the same (20seconds of lighting before dimming)

The other doors (front and sliding rears) turns the interior lights on presumably for the full 20 minutes, certainly doesn't dim after 20seconds.

edited to add after a bit of googling.
I think I'm missing the permanent live to the rear interiors, the 20second dimming is the BSI doing its thing.
I think the door switch must be okay as the light is coming on with tailgate opening.
2004 Peugeot Escapade 2.0HDI. 83k miles
2004 Volvo V70 2.4  200k miles
2011 Volvo XC90 215k miles
I suppose an easy way to see if the switch is working right is to have the engine running, open the tailgate and see how long the "nag" on the dashboard goes on for.
Could be worse.... Could be a Caddy.

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