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Heater knobs

The knob that turns to change the heater from hot to cold has become very stiff.  Is there a way I can loosen it?

I don't properly know but since no-one else has replied I will have a go. If what I say proves to be wrong, sorry!

The knob pulls/pushes a steel cable inside a (plastic?) sleeve. the other end of the cable pull/pushes a vent open/closed near the heater matrix to mix warm and cold air.

Probably, the cable has become trapped, stretched, stuck by grime in its sleeve, detatched or whatever. In theory, giving it a strip down and service should be the answer.

But access (to the heater matrix area) is a lot of work, possibly including removal of dashboard including dials, maybe airbags, etc.

Even access to the dial end is not great, involving removing the radio (unclipping the tray above it reveals two screws IIRC) and working your way down to the heater controls. These are in a plastic box which must be detached from the cables behind it for removal. It is supposed to be non-serviceable and opening it is complicated.
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A few years back on a 1.9d M59 I'd just bought I found the heater temperature knob was rather stiff.

I had visions of trim removal etc which I typically despise .... anyway ... as a desperate measure and just in case it made a difference I squirted WD40 using the extension hose all around the perimeter of the knob and simply moved it back and forth.

It did help so a few days later I did it again and all was good afterwards for the next few years until I sold the vehicle.

Give it a try it may help your problem and anyway you have nothing to lose
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart

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