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Rear spring upgrade
Hi all,

I have a 2018 75hp 625 enterprise, I carry a bit of weight in the back but nothing excessive however the rear of my van looks fairly low compared to the front, is there any stiffer rear springs or upgraded ones that could raise it up a little?
Don’t really want coilovers 

The van is on 140k so could be a little tired any suggestions would be grateful
Tanks Paul
There's not much in the way of options but this thread might help

2008 B9 1.6Hdi Multispace XTR

2007 M59 1.6Hdi Multspace Desire
2002 Xsara Picasso 2.0Hdi
1996 ZX 1.9TD Estate
I was going to suggest the Mutispace xtr ones, it has a higher ride height than other models.

Might have to do some trawling of catalogues to get rates\lengths, you might find the van types are higher rate but shorter length.

As you say, could even be that new standard ones are all that's needed, but can't say either way from here.
So I’ve been having a look on eBay ext and found some heavy duty springs that are 410mm however the listing says they won’t fit my van.
I’m pretty sure they would be the same as my originals just longer, but can anyone confirm that they will fit?
Would these help?

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(01-01-2024, 12:37 PM)Cumbrian Wrote:  Would these help?

Never seen these before but will look into them, thanks
They are obviously intended for towing but I have seen them used front and rear as a cheap and simple way of stiffening up a car's suspension.
Yeah I’ve ready that, I carry tools in the back that I don’t really want to take out along with a tool vault and even tho I didn’t think it’s too much weight it’s basically on the bump stops and looks like it’s draggin, so just want the back abit higher.

Mad spring the best for havy load.



Vigo, The cradle of all Berlingos / Partners.  Big Grin Heart

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