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Seat cover removal for Armrest fitting
One gripe which I knew I was going to have with my 2018 Berlingo Feel was that it was slightly lower spec than may previous Partner Tepee Outdoor and did not have the driver’s armrest.
I have investigated the various options: purchasing a seat with an armrest, as well as centre console armrest solutions.  None of the centre console options seemed worthwhile to me, as I do like the extra space in between the two front seats as this is used for a whole variety of purposes.  I returned to the dreaded possibility of fitting one to the seat, with the great fear of doing it wrong always looming.
“How to” guides for either fitting an armrest, or stripping the covering were sparse online, and so with limited knowledge, I am presenting my findings, so that it might be of help to others.  This is a small contribution, as I have benefitted so much from this forum over the last seven years of Berlingo/Partner ownership.

Stripping the seat covering.
Tip the seat forward and unhook the plastic strips at the bottom of the seat back. These are clipped under material tension across the width of the seat. There will be some sections relating to the back section of the seat back, other clips are for the front “beltline” of the seat back.  All clips need to be undone.
At this stage you should be able to find one of the plastic conduits inside the fabric back.  This will slide off and allow the material on the seat back to separate along a seam.  This will aid removal, as well as access to the armrest location area.
You should also be able to reach up to the head rest sockets, and pressing the protruding plastic tongue at the bottom of the steel tube, should allow each of the head rest sockets to be removed.
Now you should be able to carefully unpeel the fabric and foam around the “beltline” to facilitate the removal of the seat back foam and fabric.

Fitting the armrest
Now you will see a location on both sides of the driver’s seat, which appear to be for the location of the higher spec armrest or the airbags.  I was able to check the fitment in this position. The location holes were drilled out to 8mm.  On reflection, THIS POSITION FOR AN ARMREST MAYBE TOO HIGH FOR SOME DRIVERS.  You will need to adjust the position to suit.
The corresponding indentation on foam bolster enabled me to carefully core an 18mm hole to allow the armrest mounting to locate.  I did not cut the seat fabric until later.  I was able to fit some 8mm wood bolts (with square seating – so that only one spanner was needed) into the armrest mounting plate.
The seat back upholstery was refitted and the two bolts were located into the seat frame as the seat back was gradually positioned.  The bolts were tightened up.  The fit of the seat back was checked, after which the headrest anchors were refitted, and the black plastic conduit sleeve was reinstated, joining the two parts of the seat together.  It was at this point that the fabric skin of the seat back was cut to allow the armrest spigot to protrude.
The remainder of the seat plastic strips were refitted, tensioning the seat cover, and the armrest was fitted as per supplied instructions. (Amazon)Arm rest

The splitting of the seat back along one or two of the seams with the plastic conduits will greatly ease any modifications to your seat frame.


If I was doing this again, I would lower the position of the mounting plate, as it is slightly high, but fine for my height.

I just wasn't happy about the position of the armrest, and was able to lower it, using the bottom of the three holes on the side bolster area.  This became the top, and then was able to use a hole quite near the seat pivot.  I also drilled one 6mm hole to steady it all, and packed the back of it with a couple of washers, as there is an indentation on the mating surface. It is now about 60mm lower than previously fitted.

I am much happier with it, and I have more adjustment than then OEM version.  I can be removed by unscrewing an allen headed bolt, but I use it all the time anyway.
Thanks. I have the OEM armrests, but it is a shame that they are not adjustable. The factory position is too high for my liking. With your instructions, I might open the backrest to inspect whether the angle could be changed.

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