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Not turning over ?
Battery light was flashing on and off for a couple of days beforehand. 

Started fine one morning and left it for 10 min to warm up. Came back and could smell burning rubber/ plastic coming through the air vents. This was worse under the bonnet and lingered for days afterward but I still couldn’t pin point it.

After I turned the ignition off to take a look  it wouldn’t restart. Just a clicking under the steering wheel, once as I turn the key and again when I unturn it. 

Battery was reading fine but bought a new one anyway as was old. Made no difference.

Side lights and everything else work but is in eco mode which I think stops the headlights/ radio etc.

Tried to jump it but nothing but the clicking.

Any ideas? I thought it was the alternator because the battery light kept coming on and the smell etc… but now I’m thinking it’s perhaps the starter. Do they stink like that when they burn out?

I wanted to change the starter relay but I can’t find it!? Can a bad relay destroy a starter? 

Any help is always appreciated.
I'd say the starter is goosed, likely it has stuck in the engaged position and burned out ?
Are you able to remove the starter yourself ?
If you can you'll be able to physically examine it and test / connect it to a battery whilst on the bench.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
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Sounds like a burnt out starter, but it's always worth thoroughly checking the wiring and making sure there's power at the solenoid wire when cranking.

Last resort, get someone to crank it over and give the starter a smack.
Could be worse.... Could be a Caddy.
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