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Engine fault repair needed
Hello Berlingo Owner's we have a very bizarre fault or maybe not on our 2017 Berlingo 1.6 HDI EURO 6 we have the engine fault repair needed warning on and the small triangle that normally comes on close to service time but (NO ENGINE LIGHT) and there are no fault codes in the van nothing not one,and it’s running perfectly with no issues and literally covered 300 miles plus today in it.The van has just been serviced all filters and oil etc,has anyone else experienced this strange fault but apparently no faults thanks in advance JB.
Have you had it checked on DiagBox?

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Have you just refueled? I had a very similar issue a couple of months ago. I have a high mileage (ex hire) 2018 plate. 112000 miles.

After refueling I got that notification, it turned out the eolys fluid was down to 11%, it needed a refill, and then Citroen software to clear the warning.

The fluid is squirted in every time the fuel cap is replaced, signifying a refuel. It acts to lower the burn temperature of the soot in the dpf on a regen I believe. The tank is in an awkward position - underneath just Infront of the right rear wheel. I can't advise on a cost of this is the issue, because mine was still in warranty. The place I got it from hadn't heard of the fluid before, or known that fault. So we all learned something that day. Hopefully this is helpful young man.
Maybe it's connected to the service you just had, if the garage re-set the 'mileage to next service' countdown, but didn't do it in the correct way?
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After having my B9 2016 AdBlue HDi get to 375K and having multiple issues with the Powerflex Eolys tank/pump my first thought here is that either your tank is near empty or the pump has went on the blink. For me my pump required filling around 100K first one ran dry and busted the pump (strangely it appeared my car has no warning of low level just for when it breaks). After this i got the level checked every service to prevent problems with fluid level. The next pump went after 10K and was replaced under warranty the others just seemed to break around 100K regardless of fluid level. If you are looking for a reasonable priced citroen part i bought my tanks from neobrothers using the PSA part number but i do believe they are availble aftermarket now

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