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Berlingo B9 2013 mpv Rear passenger Indiacator issues
2013 MPV 1.6hdi 90hp b9 berlingo

so i was driving home one day waiting at a junction to turn left and was there for about 3-4minutes whilst traffic was moving indicator flashing normally, then all of a sudden it starts to flash like a bulb was out quickly.

when i got home found that the rear passenger indicator had stopped so removed the light and checked bulb it was fine, i put a new one in and still nothing. i put the bulb into the sidelight one and it lit up so proving bulbs were working.

i got some sand paper scuffed up the contacts a bit on the holder and the bulb and also bent the positive pin so it put more pressure on the bulb, still nothing.

i then removed the brown 6pin plug from the back and stuck my probes into the earth (green/yellow) and the pink (indicator) wires but nothing.

i then pulled off the boot side linings and pillar trims to see if i could spot any harness connectors and followed it all way upto the BSI unit under the passenger side glovebox.

it got dark and was raining so i gave up for the night.

in the morning i was ready to go to work so i thought id test it again..... quick flashing and no rear indicator, so i turned off my headlights and tried again and this time the indicator was working, i turned it off again and then tried again and back to flashing quickly again. i then drove 40minutes to work still quick flashing all the time, only front and side idicator working.

tonight i took the BSI out completely and reseated all the cables into it and still no rear passenger indicator. it got dark again so i gave up

i was looking for damp but the BSI feels and looks bone dry and as does under the glovebox area.

tomorrow im going to try locate the pink wire in the loom and do a continuitiy test back the the rear indicator wire to see if it has high resistance or failed wire

does anyone have a diagram for the BSI to show where the indicator wire is located all i know is its a light pink wire with 14340 written on it, does anyone know which colour plug on the bsi its located to and or pin

also where is the ground located for the rear lights loom where it connects to the car body? i guess its under the passenger side carpet somewhere but does somone have a precise location for it.

so tonight i cleaned up a earth point below the passenger side chair under the carpet, and also the one on the back of the boot near the rear light, sanded the metal and ring crimps, tested continuitiy between the earth on the bulb holder and the earth point 0.7ohm so thats spot on, then i located the pink wire which went all way to the BSI black connector pin 14 tested continuitiy and again 0.7ohm so again wire is fine.

im suspecting the BSI has failed? but why would the wing and front left indicator work and not the rear

ive got a 2nd hand BSI comming so im going to desolder my eeprom and solder it to the other bsi and see if that solves the problem

if it does not then could it be the comms 2000 indicator stalk unit? but surely if it is set to left signal then all or none should work? it wouldnt send a seperate command to each and every bulb from the indicator stalk? surely that would just tell bsi indicate left then flash those lights
Definitely a weird fault but I'm struggling to see how it would be a BSI fault. One thing I would try [and this maybe clutching at straws] but for about 10 minutes worth of work I would give it a try. Try unbolting the rear indicator unit from the side that is working and swapping with the the side that isn't to see if the fault transfers sides, as you may have some sort of weird fault in the rear lighting cluster?

2008 B9 1.6Hdi Multispace XTR

2007 M59 1.6Hdi Multspace Desire
2002 Xsara Picasso 2.0Hdi
1996 ZX 1.9TD Estate

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