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2.0 HDI Double Door Resurection update 1
Decided to start a New thread and cover all the issues, fixes and finds in one place...

I brought a 200 M49 Double door (one previous owner - a Printer) back in around 2005
It was a great vehicle used for commuting long distances, and I could get stuff in the back (out of sight etc)
Till one day it started juddering and misfiring
a Local Mechanic who owed me a favour so said he would take a look....Turned out to be a cracked Rocker, he skimmed the head put it mostly back together then left it this was about 2012... Unfortunately it sat there for many years due to my work load and long commutes...
Over time it got oved around, and eventually I sorted teh engine problems but didn't have time to do much else....
Then a couple of years ago it was moved to an indoor Unit where I was doing some work, so I took the time to sort everything else and get it back on teh road....
The issues I encountered are detailed in other threads....
Bonnet cable snapped so a friend sorted  temp repair (but unknown to me he damaged some wiring)
at some point ot had been lifted with a fork lift and a chassis rail damaged (I sorted that)
generally stripped the interior out to sort the welding, removed and replaced front disks calipers and exhaust,
removed kights etc at front to repaint slam panel....
along the way it has a few added small dents which makes me a little sad...
Fitted New (used headlights) mostly everything else is ok....
I have a full length roof rack *I saw one on here with teak strips, I may add them, but I also intend to use my Roof tent on it
and I have a set of roof bars if I can't get the tent on the rack...

I have aquired a set of Std Citroen Alloy wheels which I will refurb...
I am considering adding some nice front seats, my mate will weld up some suitable subframes...
whats with al the "you wont insure it comments... how many aftermarket seats/subframes are sold in the UK???

I do intend to use it occasionally as a part time daily driver van but also to use for camping, It has a towbar and I may mount a rack for my little petrol scooter...
I will add a few nice things like a cooker and water heater and leisure batteries and inverter. I am looking at a retractable solar panel under the rack/bars that will extend out and also act as a sun shade at the back...  May also be part of a rear Awning....
Everything will be removable....

One thought I have is....
the metal panel that covers where the footwell would be on a normal 4 seat car (the 2 slide door van is basically a Car shell)
I looked at removing it, but the van plastics are different by the door openings so may have to change them...
The main reason for removing it is to give better access to that area, but then a long flat floor is useful, so possibly hinging it in some way
Ideas for that appreciated....

Had some key issues, the wear on the locks made it a pain to get a replacemen key... but found a good guy who was able to copy the working one so I have a second..
Next will be to get the code and have a couple of extras made with transponders...

Would love to aquire the overhead storage system from a Quicksilver or what ever else had them.. anyone got the front to rear stuff going spare?

Does anyone know of one of those rear spare wheel setups like Landrovers etc have that swing out seperate to the door (so the door is not damaged) as I want to put some storage under teh floor for stuff that does not need to go in that van..

Update 1
Mate came and had a look at the seats, his conclusion....
"too much faffing to make a new subframe as he would need to include a mount for the seat belt tensioners..."
Not a problem but time costs...."
So he suggested aquiring 2 scrap front seats from a normal car...
remove the seats from the bases (the van passenger seat is not really that good for my purpose...
so use 2 car seat bases onto which it would be easy enough to mount 2 aftermarket or such seats....
you would have adjustment fprwards/backwards seatbelt tensioners jobs a good un...

Are M49 and M59 seats the same? (presume there are more M59s about)
My van has both front seats Floor mounted, which years or such had a sill mount?
My 2002 m49 had sill mounts on the front seats, my current 2004 m59 has all floor mounts.

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