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[Engine] Advice on Fuel Pump Please
I am helping a friend with a 2001(?) 1.9D, VIN VF7MFWJYB65xxxxx
The Delphi/Lucas pump is leaking fuel from around the cold start lever shaft.
From some excellent threads on here, I have seen that it is relatively straightforward to remove the fuelp pump top, then replace the o rings on the shaft. I have O rings for both shafts and the top cover gasket on order, just waiting for delivery.
My only "concerns" are comments that I have read about removing the cover over the shut-off solenoid. Below the governor lever, I can see a long m5/6 threaded rod that goes into the cover. Is this the reason for having to cut up that cover? What is it connected to? Any alternatives to the use of a Dremel?
There is already a lot of debris to clean up before opening the pump, without creating an extra layer of metal filings.
OK, for the benefit of anyone else happening upon this whilst asking the same question ....
My observations from doing the work
The "armour" does not need to be touched in any way.
Mark the position of the governor position sensor, loosen the screws and the screws for the bracket, then lift the bracket to give more space between the bracket and the arm in order to remove the sensor from its bracket.
There is a spring underneath the governor lever, I found that unscrewing the governor idle stop helped with refitting the lever whilst hilding the spring back. Measure precisely with a vernier before backing off.
The idle stop levers have an array of springs, watch out for the one mounted on the front of of the pump,
Once the levers are off and the top as clean as you can get it, a final scrape around the joint will get any last bits of debris loose, blast off with brake cleaner.
Removing the four cover screws frees the cover completely, there is nothing else to locate it. The governor shaft needs to be pushed with a thumb out of the cover before the cover can be entirely separated from the pump. The governor shaft is connected to the rest of the pump by a cable, the cover can be easily manipulated to get the maximum speed stop screw out of the armour.
Take nit of the position of the cold start idle speed shaft position in the cover. It is a simple mechanism inside, a cam that pushes against the same plate that the governor pulls on.
During reassembly beware when checking the shafts for free movement, it is possible to turn the cold start idle speed shaft too far counter-clockwise. When you do it will go beyond the edge of the plate it is pushing, the plate will spring back behind and it will not rotate clockwise back to its correct position. To fix this situation, back off the cover screws until they are almost free and lift the cover up, there is enough space to reset the shaft to where it ought to be. DAMHIK
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A great write up that should help quite a few folks, thanks !
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

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