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[Engine] Engine occasional hiccup, engine management flash on then off.

Posting a new thread as could not find anyone with an issue like the one we have.

I've got a Citroen Berlingo 2017 1560cc Diesel manual van and occasionally the car jolts, then engine light comes on, and then disappears after 1 second and the van carries on as normal. 

Once on the motorway this happened twice with about a 3 minute gap and then the engine cut out completely, stop light came on, and I could not start the engine again. After a while I could start it again (seems like the computer was not letting me turn on?). 

We've had a mechanic round briefly, he did a scan, no stored fault codes. Only one fault code that he found was something to do with something  in the electronics resetting but we dont think this is related. 

Hes says the battery needs replacing at some point, but should be ok until the winter. 

We've done some tests and this is what we have found:

- Occurs more frequently in 5th gear above or at 50mph after driving at this speed for a few minutes
- Occured once in 4th gear at 40mph after driving at 40 for a few minutes
- We have changed fuel filter and air filter, same issue. 
- Mechanic found nothing wrong with engine
- Engine runs fine, turbo sounds good, plenty of power output
- City driving I can drive for hours on end (e.g. for work) and no problems there whatsoever

We are baffled! 

Anyone had a similar problem, or any ideas? 

Help would be greatly appreciated.
You need to get it scanned with diag box . Plenty of posts on here about it. Should give you more idea of what’s going on.

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