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2015 Berlingo (car) Limp mode 2000RPM
Hey all,

I'm having an issue with my partners car. It seems to be stuck in a limp mode of exactly 2000RPM. You cannot exceed this, it'll simply pull the car back to it, which is obviously an intended function to protect something.

There are no dash lights.
The little OBD reader I have also showed nothing upon plugging it in.

Anyone know what causes a 2000RPM limp mode on these vehicles? I know someone with the same sort of machine the dealers would plug into them and I'll be getting in touch with him, but wanted to make sure it wasn't just something easy/obvious first.

Many thanks,
Cheap generic OBD readers are not sucessful on the Berlingo's, best to get a garage to read your fault codes. Diagbox is PSA specific and will work but cumbersome to setup and get working if not reasonable proficient with computer software. My cheap generic code reader won't connect to my Berlingo.
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I seem to remember a post about engine protection mode  which will not allow the engine to be revved above 2000 revs when stationary .

Could this be your problem ? Usually a dash light comes on in limp mode.

What decides if you are stationary or moving I dont know , possibly the abs or speedometer.

Someone else may know if I'm wrong  and talking a lot of nonsense.
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